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Dxdiag.exe error after installing PMDG 737-ngx (Crash)

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Could be anything, although since it's DX it seems likely a graphics type issue, maybe missing texture or corrupt model data, but it could be a missing sound file or controller malfunction or even a permissions issue.


You can try things like fly on the other side of the world, or with another plane, and can peel back the sim to stock turning off scenery and addons. Rename dll.xml and exe.xml for a test, or at least have a look at those.


Check in the Windows CP add/remove programs for proper entries of .NET and c++ libs.


In extreme cases, renaming sim folders and reinstalling the sim can swap out the entire sim for stock if need be. Deleting the new folders and renaming back the originals to restore the sim to normal. Takes some know-how to do that but in those cases it's sometimes less work compared to completely uninstall and freshly install the sim for fault finding.



A bit late now, sorry I missed the discussion back then. I hope you got it working in the end.


Thanks for the reply.


During that test I had absolutely everything I could at max. I also had the LOD_RAD at 8.5. The flight would last approx 4 minutes.


I then ran another test with the LOD_RAD at 6.5. That flight lasted approx 30 minutes.


It's as if something is "filling up" but I've been monitoring the VAS and it's definitely not that. I actually have almost 1gb of headroom in both cases.


I'll keep playing around and see what I can find, I'll also try your suggestions.



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Full names in the PMDG forums please, on every post.


Max LOD for P3D is 6.5, putting a bigger number does nothing. This is not related to your problem.


Use the free AppCrashView to look for error signatures, it is a lot easier to user than the windows UI, and double check that there is no crash signature.  If the error was trapped by windows, and most are, there is a signature.  If the error occurs below the OS within the kernel or drivers for example then there's no signature.  Also, a hardware problem such as timing or overheating can cause errors without signature.


Steve had some good suggestions and gave you things to look at, which is beyond settings and VAS.

Dan Downs KCRP

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