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Fsx weather (temps at high altitude)

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hey guys


First thanks for all the help on here. I've been spamming the forums and getting a lot of great help!


However I find myself coming to the well again lol.


It's a little to well known fact that fsx' weather is buggy as heck. One of the classic problems is ridiculous temperatures at high altitudes +30 degrees Celsius at fl250 for example.


This of course causes a world of engine problems and "unfair" stalls.


I realized though today as I was flying at 16000 feet in the j41, that I was getting just terrible climb performance, so I immediately looked at the sat. But the problem is, I'm not really sure what is unreasonable temps for that altitude. I want to say it was like 8 degrees Celsius?


So what is an average range for that altitude? Even better is there a website, or resource that someone knows of where I can look up current RL METARS, for comparison?



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Hi Inigo,


In the standart atmosphere (ISA) the temperature is at sea-level 15C, and it drops by 2C per 1000feet. 


An easy way to get you ISA temperature is to take 15 - (FL x2); in our case it would be 15 - (16x2) = -17 C


A small note to add is that the temperature becomes constant above the Tropopause, which in ISA conditions happens around 36080 feet and -56.5 C. The Tropopause is depicted on the high altitude weather chart in a box with a flight level inside. Because of the way the earth is heated it will be higher near equator and fall, in steps, towards the poles. 


I would recommend getting ASN for weather program for FSX.


Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Hello Ingio,


Martin has said just about everything I would, I'd just like to add there is a freeware weather engine available at http://www.plane-pics.de/fsxwx/instructions.htm It's not as superb as ActiveSkyNext (ASN) but it's still good, especially if you'd rather spend the money elsewhere.

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thanks for the advice I will look into ASN.  My PC is fairly powerful, but does ASN use a lot of system resources?

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