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scasm error when recompiling; anyone able to say what's wrong?

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I am trying to recompile a bgl file (this is FS9) from an .sca file (made with BGLAnalyze FS5-8) but I keep getting the same error each time. The resulting bgl is slightly smaller than the original and the information lost means the runway turns from black to light brown - some overlay information is apparently lost.


The cmd windows shows this after running the scasm line:


found sections: 0x00000200
Error in line 39
  -> Runway(  N46:14:17.01 E006:06:32.14                Alt   430
Heading  45             L
  -> in expression .. FF                Threshold 0             T ..
VIS SCN -> entrys: 223  mem: 41814
Linebuffer 393/1048576
Maxlabels 11/1500  Maxpatches 16/2000
Scasm compilation status: error(s) 1


and the original .sca file (whole object), is this:


; ----------------------------------------
; Object # 1, offset: 0x000A size: 110 bytes (0x006E)
;; Lat: 0004E681Dh Lon: 00458189Bh
; ----------------------------------------
Area( 5 N46:14:17.01 E006:06:32.14 30 )
    LayerCall( :L000020 24 )
    Jump( : )
    Smoothing( 1 )
    Runway(  N46:14:17.01 E006:06:32.14 
             <<<-------------------------------------- this is 'Line 39'
        Alt   430.1
        Heading  45.4
        Length   12795 ; in feet
        Width      164 ; in feet
        Markers  77
        Id       5
        Lights   16
        Surface  FF
        Threshold 0
        ThrOffN    1082
        ThrOffF    0
        ExtN       0
        ExtF       0
        ThrLightsN 01
        AprLN      9
        ThrLightsF 41
        AprLF      10
        StrobesF   9
    Smoothing( 0 )


Looks OK to me?? The file is from an LSGG scenery I found on an FS backup drive. Looks like screenshots of the Flylogic Geneva - not that I recall buying that particular airport (well it'd be over ten years ago now). I am having a go at getting rid of some of the less than attractive features, like the blurred grass and apron tarmac textures (this is really old scenery now of course - maybe I should just buy the FSDT version, but I am frustrated not to be able to get this to work!); this scasm error is stopping me from doing so though.


Tried adding:


Set( LINBUF 1024 )
Set( BUF 600 )



to the start of the .sca file before compiling but that doesn't help.


Any insight appreciated. Thanks.



Martin Stebbing, EGLF (UK)

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Looks to me like the compiler doesn't like Surface FF.


Maybe try Surface  1 or Surface  01




The best gift you can give your children is your time.


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Joe, you were quite right. I changed FF (what does that mean?) to 01. At first, it didn't look hopeful, as the file size was reduced from the original by just a fraction, but in FS9 everything looks good, runway and all, so I can go ahead with my modifications.


Many thanks.

Martin Stebbing, EGLF (UK)

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