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EGXY Spitfire really on it this morning

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Hello all,


I live near EGXY which is used for practice runs for the Waddington airshow etc.


For the past three days a Spitfire has been showing up and been doing circuits. Today the pilot must had  a good breakfast as he/she is really beating up the main runway and doing steep turns at either end.


To hear the Merlin engine (can't mistake it) look out of the window and see a Spitfire in plan view as it does a steep turn is quite something.


Thought I'd share my good fortune.



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I can only agree... the sound of the Merlin at power gives me goose bumps...


Should I be referred to a specialist for my condition? :)



Andrew Entwistle

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Hi Gordon,


I can't match a Spitfire or a Merlin. However, here in Bakewell, what I do get almost daily, as long as the weather isn't awful, is a De-Haviland Bi-plane. I can hear it coming a good five mins before it gets here!



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I have only one experience with the sound of a spitfire; a very close up one to be precise!

It was in 1946 during my National Service "career" in the RAF training at Henlow as an engine fitter.

With a pilot in the cockpit I was required to hand prime the engine standing on the starboard side

of the aircraft between the leading edge of the mainplane and the prop'. One opened a flap in the

engine cowling to expose the pump. Six plunges were required for the pilot started the engine.

I recall the flames "licking" from the manifold and the instant roar from the mighty merlin

Oh yes; I also vividly recall the prior instruction from the seargent  not to walk forward after

the engine had started! Surrounded by the sound of the engine made you completely oblivious

of anything else. The seargent said it had happened.... once!

You can't get close than that!



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