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Need advice on Mindstar G1000 OS and FSX versions

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I was using x-plane with SimAvio until SimAvio announced no further updates or support.


It was either use an outdated G1000 software program with no updates or an outdated flight sim. Not really happy with either choice.


As Steam seemed to be breathing new life into FSX-SE, I decided to make the change.


I am running Win 8.1 8 gig nVidia 760 w 3 gig

I loaded FSX - SE

I loaded the latest Mindstar G1000


I installed Mindstar G1000 and have been having multiple problems

from start up error boxes to finally having dead PDF & MFD.

The C182 has only the 2D cockpit, no 3D.


I don't know if it is the OS, the FSX version, the Mindstar install, antivirus really kept snatching files from me until I shut it off...




I decided there are too many variables and too many unknowns.


So I really could use your help.


I'm starting over.



1.  What is the optimal OS that you recommend for running FSX and Mindstar G1000?


2. What version of FSX is recommended for the Mindstar G1000, FSX original or FSX-SE?





My name is Richard Jeffries.  Forgot to add that!  :rolleyes:

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Ok... first, FSX doesn't come with a C182 so I have to ask what C182 are you mentioning.


Next... it would be of more help to know the error messages you are seeing. I am fairly confident this has nothing to do with OS nor FSX:SE itself.

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Hi Ed,


Thank you for your quick response.


Regarding C182, I was simply referring to a Cessna 182.

I am attempting to use the Mindstar G1000 T182T file which, if I am not mistaken (and I could be) is a model of the Cessna 182 or variant thereof.


Using Win 8.1 and FSX-SE, when I place this file in its correct location, the system under FSX-SE brings up an error box stating that the file is missing and an immediate FSX-SE error box comes up over it.  No options but to close the box, which automatically shuts everything down.


(I will provide exact file name and loading location as soon as I am able to access my system.  At work currently...)

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I have removed your post regarding virtualization. Using such a system is a license violation.

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I have removed your post regarding virtualization. Using such a system is a license violation.

Intesting...just needing a functioning product that I paid for...

Here is the file info as promised...


Mindstar G1000 purchased 05-15-2015

Transaction ID, Authorization # and Invoice # upon request.


During the first setup I got the install error:

"Unable to install C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\gauges



I also go the FSX-SE error:

"MPI_G1000.gau not installed"


Closing either error box, and the sim program closed immediately and would not run at all.



I do not know if either of these files was related to the Mindstar program, but they did not come up untill the Mindstar program was installed.


Removing the MPI_G1000.gau file from FSX-SE caused the FSX-SE program to work again.  No other errors noted.


So I went to my fastest workstation and installed Windows 7, and a fresh copy of FSX (the original, not SE).  I then installed Mindstar.  It worked.


So I erased all of the first Mindstar install from my sim box, and created a new virgin partition, installed Win 7 (no net, no anti virus, etc), installed FSX original, and attempted to install Mindstar.


The installer said I needed to contact support, as I had installed it more than 2x.


Both of the previous installs have been removed.


It is incredibly frustrating to have an entire weekend to work on this and be totally helpless to do anything about it.


I would appreciate any help that could be offered.


Thank you,

Richard Jeffries

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I will have your install count adjusted so you may install again.

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To all,


I want to express my appreciation to Ed and Stasi and Keith at Mindstar Aviation.

They provided me with technical assistance that required far more than could have been accomplished with email or forum.

They spent much time with me not only working on Mindstar G1000, but FSX and other considerations as well.

The tech support was very professional and generous.


A big thank you to Mindstar!




Here are the results for all who might want to know.


Operating system

I chose Windows 7 - fresh install - with all patches and updates, based upon  recommendation from Mindstar.


Another BIG boost to my flight sim was their recommendation that I consider a solid state drive.  I purchased a

small one, 250GIG, and partitioned it for Win7 / Win8.1 dual boot.  My flight sim now responds like I have upgraded

all my hardware.  It is truly amazing.


A good portion of the flight sim experience depends upon swapping scenery information from the hard drive to

memory, the new SSD hard drive performed beyond my expectations.


Win7 partition is dedicated solely to the flight sim. No other software added unless directly needed to maintain FSX or Mindstar.



I chose FSX original over FSX steam or Prepar3d.

Steam is only the FSX original with distractions, and the Mindstar G1000 install liked the original much better.

For those with a beefier budget, Prepar3d has some advancements, but I already had the FSX and FSX-SE.

In a side by side comparison, as they were presented, I preferred the visuals that I saw with FSX over that of Prepar3d.


G1000 software for my G1000 hardware

I chose Mindstar G1000.

In fairness, I did check out Flight1, but it was buggy, at least for my testing.

To remove the bezels with Flight1, add a $249.00 price tag.


The Mindstar guys showed me how to turn my bezels on and off myself, and for free.

They showed me how to speed up the entire sim.

They assisted me with my hardware to FSX interface questions.


Mindstar G1000 the program

Clear & readable graphics

Refesh rate is good

PDF & MFD can be removed from the main panel, undocked, and resized to fit your

additional G1000 hardware monitors.

Bezels on or off - your choice.

After I complete the hardware to FSX hookup, I will be able to use the G1000 software more

thoroughly and report further.



Someday I hope to talk these guys into porting this program to x-plane.

A flight sim that is supported, with a plugin that is supported.

That is a great idea.


Richard Jeffries

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Hi Richard,


you have PM. Would be nice if you could get in contact with me.


Thanks, Peter

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