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That's exactly right Ebs. What are you using to change the date?

In FSX it is under the Current Time and Season on the Free Flight page. P3D I don't know.

Michael Cubine

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The biggest cause of this I've seen is when the Simulator date/time is set to a time in the past.

Double check your FSX/P3D *simulator* time, set it to 'now' then your FMS won't throw the error.


Alternatively you can go to [sim directory]\PMDG\NAVDATA and open the fmc_ident.txt file and edit this line...


Ebs, that is a great call!!


This was the issue with me as well, and I have no idea why it would be defaulting to a date almost a year ago!


In Prepar3d, this is on the bottom right quarter on the start up page (On V3.3 anyway)


Thanks Ebs


Andy Perry



Andrew Perry

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