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RCV4 communication menu list...

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good afternoon,


does anyone know if/and where I could get a list of all the dialog choices that are on screen?  Basically, I would like to use game commander (voice control) to communicate with RCV4.  And I don't feel like going through a whole flight just to write down all the voice comm choices.  


I got this idea, because I see some people are using a program called MES or MCE (can't remember for sure) to control RCV4 by voice.  I don't think that would work for me as my co-pilot functionality is provided by FS2Crew. But I can run game commander and FS2Crew at the same time.  But for this to work, I need to know the different menu choices so I can assign keystrokes to the correct voice phrases.  Thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas.


Richard Bansa

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I used this list to make a VAC http://www.dwvac.com/ profile for RC4



Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+0
Select zero
Main menu

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+1
Select one
Acknowledge and contact
Clearance delivery, ready to copy
Choose landing mode
Contact approach
Contact clearance delivery
Contact control
Contact delivery
Contact departure
Contact (the) destination tower
Contact ground
Contact next control
Contact tower
Delivery ready to copy
Direct to waypoint
Next control
Monitor tower
Ready for departure
Request taxi
Request vectored approach
Tune to the tower

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+2
Select two
Abort take off
Declare rejected takeoff
Declare aborted takeoff
Flight critique
Get local ATIS information
Get weather briefing
Going missed
Missed approach
Reject take off
Request departure runway
Request push and start
Request runway
Request runway for departure
Request to leave frequency for weather
Request visual approach
Request weather

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+3
Select three
Contact ground for clearance
End radar contact
Get clearance
Ground ready to copy
Notam on course
Request P D descent
Request return to airport

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+4
Select four
Clearance by F F S
Declare emergency
Request higher
Request I A P approach
Wind check

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+5
Select five
Clearance en route
Clearance in air
Contact ground for push and start
Field in sight
Request landing runway
Request lower
Request runway for landing

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+6
Select six
Unable to comply

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+7
Select seven
Acknowledge hand off
Acknowledge I F R clearance
Cleared for take off
Cleared to land
Cleared to {WAYPOINT} as filed
Expect vectors runway {RUNWAY}
Line up and wait
Position and hold
Read back clearance
Ready to copy
Taxi into position and hold
Taxi to the ramp
Taxi to and hold short of
Traffic in sight

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+8
Select eight
Previous menu

Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+9
Select nine
Select niner
Next menu

Over to next controller

Display flight plan

Please repeat instruction
Repeat instruction
Repeat last instruction

Save radar contact

Set nav frequencies

Hand back communications
Take over communications

Hand back plane
Take over plane

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Glynn, thank you so much this info is exactly what I am looking for, much appreciated!!!



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Make sure in RC you set the keyboard assignments to match the list above.

Ron Ginsberg
KMSP Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Puddles

Support Team


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