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suddenly working only partially

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I have been working around issues with Win 8.1 networking and it has been working fine for some time, however without changing anything it stopped working, only very few of the guages work like the flaps indicator, fuel, engine oil pressure temp guages, but all the others dont. I also have the MFD GPS plugin and this also works ok.


all the guages dont work, but some partially e.g i can move the rotary control on the Altimeter even though the altimeter always shows 0, but the altimeter in the games cockpit is adjusted, but this is not the case for all panels that have a rotary. e.g the VOR is not adjusted in the game when turning the rotary.


I do not have any idea why this is the case. but i have been assuming it was because of an issue with Simconnect, however i now know this is not the case


I very recently bought X-Plane so also tried the xplane plugin and the same guages work/dont work as per in FSX, P3D also....i am a bit stumped, how can i troubleshoot further?




Stuart Buchanan

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You need to tell me more about your setup:


How many computers?

How are they networked?

Are you suing Wifi?

What else is on the network?

What Version of Panel Builder?

What kind of networking issues did you have?


Looks to me like that something has changed in your computer (windows update?).

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