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Strange Panel Builder Problem

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I just recently started playing around with a panel config that would have me turn dials or click on radio buttons, etc.


When I click on the dial or button all of the other gauges/devices disappear with the exception of the one I clicked on.


I am running windows 7 64 bit and Prepa3d 2.5  Both the panel builder an the interface are the latest versions and I am running Net framework 4.5.1


My system uses 2 monitors with monitor #1 being my panel builder monitor and #2 the main view port.  Monitor #2 is considered my primary monitor by my system. 


I have panel builder setup to use one monitor only though the problem still happened when using the full desktop. 


I can get the gauges to stay visible if I run in window mode but this creates another problem where there is no background to the gauges and I see the windows screen behind it.


Any insight is appreciated.






Partial fix-


By selecting the number 2 display for panel builder it works fine in window mode by having the correct background.   Apparently windows and pane builder are confused as to which monitor is #1 and which is #2.


The problem still exists when running in full screen where if I click on a dial or button the rest of the gauges disappear and my selected background is replaced with black.  If I click on a gauge inside panel builder it looks fine until I click in the P3D window again at which point just the single gauge is visible again.

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You are correct, the issue is with Prepar3D (and FSX). When running in full screen mode, it will take over all monitors that are part of your desktop. But X-Plane for example limits it full screen mode to the actual monitor it is on.


So the solution is:

- For Prepar3D and FSX you need to run in window mode if you have 1 computer with 2 monitors.

- If you have 2 network computers (one for the sim the other for instruments), you can run in full screen mode

- X-Plane can run in full screen, no limitation.

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