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***Mini Update***

"As mentioned previously, one of our priority tasks for the Hornet is the introduction of the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS).
This week we passed a key milestone with the completion of basic symbology, display blanking (most of the HMD is not displayed when looking at the HUD), and some of the related DDI pages.
Our next big task for the JHMCS will be AIM-9X integration.
Our intent is to bring the JHMCS to you later this month."





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***Mini Update***


Update time!

As mentioned in a recent newsletter, we are pushing hard for JHMCS with AIM-9X support, Maverick, FPAS page, and corrected A/A antenna logic after undesignated button lock release. All is looking good, but the AGM-65F and G versions will unfortunately not be ready until next month. 

We, for the most part, have four guys working on Hornet systems and here is what they are working on:
1- JHMCS. Afterward he moves on to the HARM.
2- AGM-65E. Once done, then AGM-65F and G.
3- A/A radar antenna. When complete, then LTWS.
4- FPAS page. Then after that, then probably “soft lock” IFF or Data Link / SA page.

The Hornet systems team is working full time on the Hornet, but some of the items are complex and take time. No one is slacking off.

Once the Maverick and HARM are fully functional, we’ll start work on the second Hornet mini-campaign.

We have ten new training missions in work that include:
IFR Airfield Approach
Carrier Taxi and Takeoff
Carrier CASE I Recovery
A/A Gun
A/G Gun
CCIP Bombs
CCRP Bombs

You may be saying to yourself, “but Wags, you forgot CASE II,III and AIM-7!” Negative Ghostrider, we need those items to be completed before we can make the training mission for them (full comm for CASE II,III and HOJ mode for the Sparrow). 

Supporting tech like the A/G radar (we lost our original engineer on this) and an improved FLIR rendering system are in work and are fundamental to A/G radar implementation and the ATFLIR.

So things are moving forward at a good clip, but this is a very complex product and it will take time.

Thank you for your patience!

Twitch: wagmatt

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Great news!

FLIR/TV and ground synthetic aperture radar, these are mouth watering systems. A Laser designator via the pod would be icing on the cake. Oh to be spoilt for choice! TV Maverick, IR Maverick, Laser Maverick. Paveway...(don't forget JSOW, JDAM and perhaps a ALCM)

As Mud Movers we loved the A10c, DCS released all those years ago With GPS DSMS and all good things, but oh so slow! Now this Hornet baby is the answer to our dreams. It's a mud mover and a super fine air to air weapon.  Goes anywhere via a floating airbase!

But wait one! There is a Strike Eagle a commin? Did someone say "not a pound for air to ground". 

Let the good times roll!



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***mini update*** 


After extenstive testing, the A/A radar break lock errors look to be fixed. A side-benefit of the revisited core-antenna logic is that the ACM modes lock much faster now (VACQ in particular). This is planned for release in the next OB update.

JHMCS AIM-9X cueing is also testing well (VR recommended). But display of radar-locked target data to the HMD needs further testing.

FPAS page needs a bit more work on the NAV TO function.

Team is plugging away at the L Mav.

Once I’m happy with the above features, I’ll create a new Hornet update video to explain each one.


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Latest Beta Features



  • Introduced JHMCS.
  • Introduced FPAS.
  • Introduced AGM-65E with laser guidance (can be used with JTAC/AFAC assistance a while). Known issue: overlapped symbols of laser codes on Mav page, will be fixed soon.
  • Big radar refactoring.
  • External fuel disappears after manoeuvre with disabled fuel pumps - fixed.
  • Radar in boresight mode will not locks target outside beam pattern.
  • Added RU manual translated by Vasil Komarichin aka ICS_Vortex

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***Update from Wags***


Tomorrow, Friday, November 9th we plan a hot fix that will include the following for the Hornet:

  • If player uses in-game re-arm window for AGM-65E, they cannot uncage the seeker.
  • After player has fired all AIM-9, AIM-9 boresight reticle remains on HUD for all AA weapons.
  • AIM-9X not working correctly with unlimited weapons options
  • CLIMB logic for the FPAS page.

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