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Do you OC and Have many HArd Drives or SSD

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After installing P3D using GTX Titan 4790k @ 4.79Ghz


3xSSD stripe raid c drive


2x ssd stripe raid for p3d/eliteD


1 x ssd for vav programs/ asn ect


1x ssd for add-on scenery



Basically Been having major issues with GTX Titan keeping up with my 4.79Ghz OC for about 2 weeks now.


Finally very reluctantly coughed out for TitanX in the hope that Better GPU will fix the problem



TitanX was more stable using EVGA perscion as opposed to AsusGpuTweak with old Titan, TitanX was not stable with Asus GPU Tweak.



But TitanX was still crashing after about 30 mins watching traffic in sim.




Since I  always have up to 5/6/7/8 drives in my setup, I remembered a tip I always used read from an OC thread. IF USING MANY HARD DRIVES, UP YOUR PCH CORE AND IO VOLTAGE.


Once I did this, all my GPU crashing @4.79Ghz problem disappeared like smoke.


Since its second time this happening to me on another machine with many drives, thought I should let you ambitious new P3D adventures know your OC can be stabilised by upping the voltage to the PCH since its gots to move gigs of P3D data about.


There is no point having high OC clock, if the IO channels are struggling to keep up.







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After installing P3D using GTX Titan 4790k @ 4.79Ghz




And that number would be ? I am running asus maximus vii formula its at 1.05000


Found this for my board



PCH Core Voltage

This is the chipset voltage and doesn’t have to be changed since it doesn’t help in any way.


PCH VLX Voltage

This voltage can help overclocking the BCLK. Lower for high BCLK and increase for low BCLK

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Sorry did not mention am using Gigabyte Gaming Z97 for 4790K


Sorry After 2 weeks of hell currently running acronis 2015 backup, that will take a few hours.


So cant check bios right now, but will do get back.


There usually 2 voltages PCH core and PCH IO, and I upped both around 8-15%


cant remember which, one was 1.09 and I changed to 1.18


other was 1.50 and I changed to 1.54




Soon as I did this, you could tell from the way, windows login slammed to desktop instantly that maybe my gpu crash problem was over.



I use P3d traffic and saved flights to test my OC, much safer @ high OC, and to the point.


I MUST MENTION MY COOLING SSYTEM INCLUDES PORTABLE AC BLOWING INTO PC TOPP FANS , so heat is not really a problem, BUT upping PCH voltages does pack heat when PCI and SATA busy. 



Please google South bridge north bridge voltage effects on  stabilising OC for PC with many drives.


Like you said I have seen info to keep these volts lower for higer OC, that in part why did not bother with for my new setup. But after 3 weeks of tooth and nail it was the final thing that fixed it for me.



Running my PC @ 3Ghz ANy of my GPU is rock solid with PCh at default settings


Soon as I upp cpu to 4.79Ghz GPU struggles, even crashes without running p3d, just due to windows desktop alone.


Soon as I upped PCH voltages, I can now start thinking flight planes and stuff like that.


But I must say P3D FSGlobal Ultimate, Orbx Global, Re4 +Soft Clouds + ASN  is just THE WOW.


Its my first time seeing it till I shut sim down myself , as opposed to short glimpses between blue screens.


I suppose for those with just 1 or 2 hard drives, keeping PCH voltage low will offer more juice to other components like cpu/ram, but according to my research   many drives, high PCI traffic @ very high cpu would need GOOD PCH voltage juice to move all that P3D gigatons per second of texture data around    


A good tip, the view of disk activity you get in win7 resource monitor wants to look like NARROW  mountains with sharp tipps as opposed table mountains with flat tops, That is an indication that your PC is struggling to move data around fast enough,  AND FROM THERE ITS UNPREDICTABLE WHAT CRASHE FIRST.

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