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France v2 Wow!

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I've got NE UK AND California for P3D v2.5 and have been waiting patiently for the next generations to be released but this morning I succumbed to temptation and bought NE France to check out all that v2 has to offer, it's not an area I spend much time flying in even though I live next door in the UK.


Compared with the previous versions of NE v2 is a revelation, so much variation in the lights and the wonderfully immersive car headlights! In combination with Orbx Global LC I get great frames and seemingly less micro pauses as the distant lights load. Things do get a little less smooth over Paris so I need to continue to experiment with different settings. Might be my imagination but I believe the lights are also more visible further in the distance than the Orbx ones although still not as far as in fsx but that's down to P3D.


Only downside of all this it could cost me a fortune as v2 transforms P3D at dusk/night so much that I'll have to buy each area as they become available!

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Thank you very much Soppie,
we love hearing from our customer; especially when they are happy :good:

as you can see; the hype is for a good reason; if you’ve followed the project from the start,
it has taken us longer than anticipated at first; the team pulled together every possible effect we could come up with to render the night like never before;
we continue to innovate and push the boundaries as we are working on Germany v2.0 :)

as for Paris; please make sure you read our manual carefully in regards to Paris especially,
the team spent tremendous amount of time balancing performance to visuals in Paris specifically,
due to an underlying performance issue that exists in the area and the importance of the city; it was put to allot of scrutiny by the team,

please keep in mind that level 4 in Paris configuration panel is provided as a complimentary level only

level 4 is what we would render Paris if we didn’t have an underlying issue there; (it’s a default sim issue like around KSEA; all three platform share to some degree)
that’s what level 4 is; we did this in the hopes that soon we will have more performance freedom on our Sim's with the release of P3D 64bit platform;
if predictions are true; you will fly over Paris maxed out without an issue (we hope :smile2: )

start Paris on our default preset; and you will arrive to a live lush city views with very moderate hit;
work your way from there adding or reducing features,

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