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Boeing vs. Airbus - Part II - Possible Facts

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I am an Airbus fan, I won't lie. Cockpit layout, flows and procedures are far more suited for me. Airbus logic is also more suited for beginners. Systems managing is simpler (for example packs management). After endless flights with Project Airbus A320/321 two years ago, I switched to PMDG NGX last year, and finally this month I decided to relive Aerosoft A319/320, just to make sure that I spent the money wisely, since FPS is worse than in NGX which had a negative effect on me. Of course, after several test flight I fell in love with it pretty much, immersion is fantastic. One thing I like more about the Boeing is how they look. I mean, 737 is prettier than A320, 757 is by far the sexiest plane out there, 747 is a beauty, 767 is simple by design but also sexy. A320 is naaah, A330 is ok but nothing spectacular. Only A340 is prettier than 777, if you ask me. 


Now, let me explain more in detail my experience with Boeing planes in FSX. I flew PMDG NGX in the past/this year numerous times, even with fs2crew (not Reboot), I enjoyed the realism and immersion, but I simply couldn't connect to the plane at all, I always felt that I'm in unfriendly (user) environment (cockpit). I tried so hard to like Boeing's cockpit design, but I simply couldn't, especially in 757/767. Display placement in one version of cockpit layout in 757/767 is horrid, especially for use in a flight simulation. ND is behind the yoke and below PFD, making it very difficult to see info if you don't have TrackIR. Even with TrackIR I say it's pain in the a$$ to move your head just to see some primary info on ND. Also, although I know this is on my end, when I finish the flight in NGX, it doesn't feel so realistic and satisfactory, like after every landing in Aerosoft Airbus. I'm using Saitek Flight Yoke when flying Boeings, and Saitek Cyborg joystick on Airbuses and some fighter planes. I mean I've tried to fly NGX with the joystick also, and the feel didn't change, and it's not realistic.

This view is based only on my sim experience. I have some experience in the professional Boeing 737NG simulator with 1:1 cockpit and that's a bit different story (no surprise). Can't lie, the flight feel in 737NG simulator is insanely good, yoke is brutally precise and smooth, sensation when you make turns is awesome. But that's a professional simulator, the sensation and feel is completely different compared to the PMDG NGX in FSX. And I bet if I had the chance to try professional A320 simulator that I would probably like it more, because of the stuff I mentioned in the beginning of the post.


After all, I feel much more confident in the Airbus cockpit, every button, switch or whatever is in its logical place. Never caught myself searching for a button or a switch like I saw the cockpit for a first time. In 737NGX or 757 cockpit, after several flight I couldn't get used to cockpit layout. That issue was far worse in the professional 737NG simulator where I had to move my head and be very fast and proficient to find the button/switch on the overhead panel. After so many PMDG NGX flights, I couldn't find window heat and pitot heat buttons in less than 10 seconds, I was lost lol. So many switches over there, it's so easy to get lost. I'm certain that I will find buttons/switches in the real Airbus cockpit a lot faster. Don't get me wrong, but these are my experiences.


Now a bit different view on this subject, a possible facts. ^_^  My opinion is that the Boeing pilots are more skilled and proficient than Airbus ones. The workload in Boeing cockpits is higher, when some particular failure happens you can solve the issue in different ways, not how the computer is letting you (Airbus), which can be pretty important in serious situations. Of course most of procedures in emergency situations are the same in planes from both manufacturers. In one PilotsEye video, there was a problem with one of the engines, and the FO reached for some kind of manual to find a solution, or to check the severity of a problem. I can't remember when I saw a Boeing pilot reading the manual or whatever in similiar situations, not to even mention emergency ones.  :mellow: That's why I said the Boeing pilots seems to be more skilled and proficient, and I highly respect that.


There is also one side of the story that  says that Boeing planes are more for serious plane lovers, and Airbus is for computer and automation lovers. I could easily agree with that statement. Boeing = old muscle car or an Alfa GTA, driver vs. machine, Airbus = McLaren P1 or similiar, tons of computers to assist the driver.

One thing that is quite interesting is that in driving sims I like much more Alfa GTA or old muscle car than Ferrari Enzo or McLaren P1, complete opposite than in flight simulation.  :huh: But yeah, driving a race car on a track is completely different story than flying a serious tubeliner.


Don't let me hang here alone, share you opinions and experiences! I didn't wrote this pretty long post for vain, I want to hear more from you, and probably I will learn something new. :)

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