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Last Flight Out Of Stapleton February 27, 1995

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Was there going to be a photo-spot similar to the one near Stapleton's runways 08/26?
It just can't compare to the view of Stapleton from the spot near the runways 08/26. At Stapleton, you had to be asleep to miss anything.


The spot he's talking about was the most awesome spot on the planet! :smile:

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Ah! good ole Stapleton!  In 1973 I was hired by a Denver based medical company to start, develop and head their european operations.  I worked for them until my retirement in 1998.  I used to fly to Denver 5-6 times a year, mostly out of Brussels, sometimes out of London, A'dam or Barcelona.  Over the years Denver had become my second residence, so flying into Stapleton felt like flying back home.  In February 95 my wife and I flew into Stapleton and departed out of DIA one week later.  I am also the first european to have landed into DIA in autumn 94 (only a touch and go, to be honest though).  At that time I used to fly full 3 axes microlights.  One Saturday I did pay a visit to a little microlight field, off I-70 close to DIA.  I had a check ride with the owner and we made a quick touch and go on 35R!



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