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The TDS Boeing 727

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Yeah TDS made an amazing work with the 727. Finally we have a great 3D model of the 'trisaurus'

Tomás Fabada Castellana

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I find TDS aircraft to be almost unflyable on my machine.  "Heavy" feeling even with yoke calibrated and full pitch up on takeoff..  Have to constantly adjust pitch and even then, very hard to keep flying level.


This is not only TDS model that exhibits this on my machine.  I have to take them all off once trying.  This is ONLY MY observation and your mileage may vary.


P.S. - Other similar aircraft from "other" developers perform very well.


Ya it will feel a wee bit heavier too hand fly it. I too have downloaded it and really felt TDS did a very good job of making the model flight dynamics. They have modelled the autopilot also like it was in the 1960's, slightly inaccurate,slow and primitive because back then there was more hand-flying than LNAV and VNAV. Also remember that in the 727 you are flying a plane that relied on mechanical hydraulic systems and no computer controlled fly-by-wire. Hence there will be a percieved sense of sluggishness in flying it. Hope it solves all your queries.




Swapnil Sirdeshpande

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Guys thanks for flying.

About the 727-100 series making up.

Still FSX model is not made but yes doing.



No probs bro, take your time. After all no cake is complete without the icing and the cherry :wink: . Nice 727-200 BTW. I never knew that TDS team would make the numerous upgrades that the plane has had till date.

Swapnil Sirdeshpande

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I've just read thru the topic and noticed few things.

1.At when using at FSX , must use FSX model , not FS2004 model.
  MDL file name starts from TDSX is FSX , TDS is FS2004
 Reason is 
 A. At FSX , can't recognize the FS2004's self Illumination parts .
 B. At FSX  can't recognize DECAL texture systems on FS2004.

2.When changing a panel ,must carefully see the vcockpit section of the panel.cfg
  Animation and light control guages are defined there.
 Those setting and the guages in the sub folder of panel folder must be copied to the new panels. you use.
 May be feeling what this guys is saying?
Or Doesn't make sence , panel and model is different!
But no , Not only this model , already many models I made has this systems.
Basics are

Panel side's Animation and Light control guages orders ->Model side XML receives and moves or show the lights.


Why doing this is there is a huge merit.
User can have a chance to edit and tune up or at some case add functions.
One example , user can even change the amount of wing flex  , can even add factors to flex.

Please remember , panel is NOT only a PANEL , Panel and Model works together.

If those guages are lost , model animations will drop to the backup/dumm mode and animation factors will be limited and actions won't be as should be.

How can you know which mode is ?

Most simple way  is put on the NAV lights.
If there is a MS default fireball Wingtip nav ligjhts , then model is working at Backup mode.

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