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Where is the FSX Configuration document( it says file is missing or cant be found)

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I was trying to download the CFG. guide, I know there are a few of them out there but the file seems to be mission and I believe it was version 2.0.

I just built a new system with the I7-4790K and I want to know the best tweaking guides out there.

Any help would be appreciated.



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do  you know this guide ?




I found useful suggestions in there.



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@ Shayne.


I cannot seem to access the guide either.  I have read and tweaked for the last 7-8 weeks, and I have read all the way through the NickN guide already, but wanted to compare with something else, as NickN's guide isn't definitive, and some of the advice I took out there was absolutely wrong.  


I have just set up a 4790k system myself, running at 4.6 ghz solid at 65C in FSX:SE, also with a 4k monitor.  I think it is running great now at 30 frames per second and dead smooth.


Maybe we can compare notes.  It starts with getting the 4790k as high as you can and stable, as FSX is processor limited rather than graphics card.


Any decent 4790k should be capable of 4.5-4.6 ghz stable with a decent cooler.  Try not to go over 1.275 on the core voltage, but that should easily do for 4.6ghz anyway.

I can get 4.7 ghz at 1.315 core voltage, but the processor gets hot after 20 minutes in FSX, about 75 Celsius.  Still well within limits, but hardly worth the stress on the system for an extra 0.1 ghz!


Maybe we can build this thread as we go for other people, as I have learnt lots over the past few weeks, and there are a lot of people coming back to FSX and building 4790k and 4770k systems.


I have been away from FS for years, but running FSX Steam edition, with all its fixes and in DX10 with Steves DX10 fixer, I have never been happier, and with the free SweetFX2 that doesn't now crash in FSX and DX10, the visuals are stunning!  


I have run at 4k mode (3840 x 2160 - amazing!) but have now turned it down to one level below, as my graphics card was reaching 75C at that setting.  My Samsung 4k monitor upscales perfectly to 4k anyway from my new setting.  Still stunning video, but with the card at 65C on quiet fans.


[DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon R9 390 Series.0.0]
Which graphics card do you have?  ATI or NVidia?  Both good I have found.
PS.  Ignore all the advice on affinity mask.  Leave everything on and let FSX pick.  Messing with mine only introduced stutters.  When running windows task manager, I can see mine runs windows and background stuff on the first core with hyperthreading (that is why it shouldn't be turned off), FSX main calculations on the next core, and loads scenery using the last two cores, and that is exactly how it should be.  FSX:SE sorts this out perfectly for itself.  No affinity mask setting needed at all.
I have experimented with every 'tweak' in the FSX.cfg file over the previous weeks (luckily FSX loads quickly from an SSD) so I know what works and what doesn't for a 4790k system.
Surprisingly, bufferpools=0 was not the best for me! 

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