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PNW – Coast – Mountain - Coast

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Today’s tour starts at Siletz Bay State (S45) on the Oregon coast and continues stopping at various Orbx airports including Starks Twin Oaks, Goheen, Walter Sutton’s, Vashon, Cushman Meadows, before finishing at Bowerman on the Washington coast.  The route will pass over Mt St Helens and will feature one or possibly more airmanship challenges that will be revealed during the session. 


This flight is 265 nm and features a number of short airstrips. A GA aircraft capable of 120-140knts is recommended.  The A2A Cessna 182 or A2A Piper Comanche are good choices but fly any aircraft you like. I will be flying this Canadian registered Skylane painted by Urs Burkhardt




Recommended scenery:




- Orbx PNW or Orbx Global



- Orbx Airports: Siletz Bay (S45), Stark’s Twin Oaks (7S3), Goheen (W52), Walter Sutton’s (W79), Vashon (2S1) – Free , Cushman Meadows (KCMW) fictional, Bowerman (KHQM) - Free





Flight Plan





Date and time: Saturday 3 October, 1800 UTC


Where: AVSIM RTWR Teamspeak - Casual Flights Channel


Teamspeak Server Address:


Multiplayer: FSX Multiplayer (IP will be provided on Teamspeak)




Don't forget to enter your aircraft details on the multiplayer speadsheet! (linked here)




Note to Ron Attwood: Set Time to 23:10 GMT (16:10 Local)

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Duly noted.


I'm toying with the idea of a Bay Tower Van's RV7...



I've finished toying and settled for a Carenado CT206H Stationair.



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In the absence of Roman Romanovich, screenies, such as they are, were snapped by me. Very few I'm afraid and without the entertaining texts.

No.1 Someone on approach to Goheen. I think it was Josh. 2nd in line was Jeff.

I'm sorry Jeff, I could have sworn I had your paint so I didn't go look for it. :blush:

Anyway, a nice landing:


The Blue/Yellow Goose is Ralf providing a guiding beacon (He was actually in a Lockheed Electra which I don't have. I'll probably weaken and get it)









These last two are of me in my TC206H. It was a beautiful evening so I handed the controls over to George(He rarely gets a go) and stepped outside for a moment:






A terrific flight ending in a couple of night-time landings.


The only things that marred a good night were Mike failing to pay his electricity bill and being cut off. And Roger who was last seen leaving Silitz Bay and heading off into the sunset. :help: Roger, check in please.


Oh Mike quickly settled his bill and came back to us.  :wink:


That's all folks!


P.S. Josh said he didn't touch that pole and we believe him don't we guys? :spiteful:

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Great shots Ron. 


I just remembered that I am heading up to the New Jersey shore next weekend and will be on the road on Saturday.  I will fly the Rocky Mountain tour on my own,  kinda disappointed about that, was gonna use the Cessna Mustang. :smile:

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just checking in to say everything is now back to normal.

all flight controls were lost on saturday & after trying to fix with no success i gave up & went to bed.

   ( first time i have been in bed by 10.00pm since the old war wound was looked at. )

 will be back for saturdays flight.


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