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Occasional random wild guage behavior

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Here is my problem that I have not seen written anywhere. I have Simplugins v 2.94 and A2A C172 add on running on client computer. FSX & the A2A launch program run on the main computer. Occasionally I make a mistake and start up something out of sequence. When this happens, then some, but not all, guages on the client get messed up. For instance, altimeter hands might be missing. When I start a plane the rpm guage might oscillate rapidly between zero and maximum, or the airspeed guage might oscillate rapidly between zero and maximum. etc, etc. The solution that works is to stop FSX and disconnect the A2A client on the main computer. It appears that I do not have to shut down the client computer (running the simplugin guages).


Pertinent information:

Main computer, I7 cpu o/c to 4.0, 6GB ram, Windows 7 64bit, FSX gold, etc, FSUIPC 3 monitors with TH2GO.

Client computer, AMD A10-5800k running at 3.8, 4GB ram, windows 7 64 bit home edition.


Does anyone know if additional ram in the Main computer will fix this problem, or has anyone seen this problem? This is not a show stopper, but an annoyance. My thinking is that additional ram on the main computer might help, but I don't know.


Normally my setup works quite well & I am pleased with it. I also managed to construct a panel for the A2A Cherokee using mostly the C172 guages, plus a couple regular guages that do not work. (Separate post to follow!)


Thanks for any guidance.


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Yes, we do know about the issue. I probably helps somewhat if you start Panel Builder on the client computer first.


Adding any more RAM will not solve the issue. It has to do with networking. The instruments adjust their behavior depending on how fast data is delivered over the network. I hardwired network connection (not WiFi) would be preferable or cross-over cable between both computers with static IP Addresses or a dedicated network for both computers would also help, but that might not be practical for everyone.


We are working on a new Panel Builder Version that should solve the issue. We have done some preliminary tests already.


Sorry about the inconvenience.

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Reinhard, thank you for a prompt reply. I understand & concur that it is a network issue. I always start the client computer first, the one mistake that I sometimes make is that I "Load" my airplane before starting the connection to the client. I also do have a hardwired dedicated network with static IP addresses. However, my router is old, I'm not sure if a new router would help at all. I am computer savy but not a network specialist.

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