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NGXDiaries - PMDG Southwest 737-800 over Yardley PA - Trenton Mercer Airport

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Hello folks, Mr. "NGXdiaries" here.  After an almost 2 year hiatus from simming, I have noticed all the hubbub surrounding P3D v2.5/3.0 and decided to see what all the hype was about  There were many reasons why I stopped, I attribute it partly to burnout.  But the main reason for my absence was the day I tried to start up FSX and it would refuse to load, despite my best attempts to troubleshoot and fix.  Even though I considered myself quite adept at diagnosing and solving the many problems FSX would throw my way for about 5 years, this time was different.  No matter what I tried nothing worked, so I just threw my hands in the air and "rage quit".  I was just too exhausted by years of endless tweaking and reinstalls....I needed a break. 

Anyhow, P3D V3.0 is a breath of fresh air, the FSX SP3 we all desperately needed and then some!  The magnitude of new innovative features and bug fixes is overwhelming, but in a good way.  After receiving some encouragement from some fellow simming friends, I dipped my toes back into the water, and have to say I am now back in love with simming!

I'm still getting my P3D install in order, and have yet to feel comfortable enough to do a proper full flight to the degree of accuracy and obsession with detail that I have prided myself on in the past with FSX.  I do hope to get back in the swing of things very soon.  I remember wanting to do a cross country hop in the PMDG NGX from KSEA to KDCA with the famous "River Visual" approach at the end, something I have witnessed live in person at Gravelly Point Park by KDCA two times this year through my new obsession: planespotting/photography at nearby airports.  I also remember a fellow "Avsimmer" asking to see those shots, so if you are around, I promise to deliver sometime soon!

Sorry for the wall of text, I wanted to celebrate my return to the world of AVSIM and PMDG, and a new appreciation for Lockheed Martin's P3D V3.0, with this shot of myself in the Southwest 737-800 near KTTN, Trenton Mercer Airport in New Jersey.  Hope you enjoy!




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Nice!!! :smile:




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