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Throttle hunting issue at Glideslope with Project Magenta

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At the TOD the throttles only go back till 66% and not to idle.

Therefore the descent speed is going up and up.

Workaround : disable AT –> manually set to idle –> AT enabled again


After capturing the glidescope the aircraft slowly pitches down below the glideslope . Then thust is added and the aircraft pitches up and the throttls go back to idle.

This proces repeats itself and the landingspeed is too high.

Turning off the AT and setting thrust manually solves it.

Thsi behaviour is with a kotorized TQ , but also without any ( just the onscreen TQ ).


I came in touch with 2 other PM flyers who have exact the same issues.And someone who posted the same issue at YouTube in 2013.


I sent a support ticket to PM 19 days ago but no answer.

Also tried other cockpit builder forums.

Up to now no one with a working solution.


All suggestions are welcome.

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Most users have moved on to other glass cockpit software, hence the probable reason for the lack of responses. 

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I did the same an choose for the Ifly Cockpit Builders Edition.

Superb flight model and flying like the real thing.


However only compatible with P3D v2 and F1 has stated that at this moment it will not be upgraded to v3.


Buying a 3rd Cockpit Suite is not on my roadmap now..

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If you haven't done so already, the best bet would be to look at the PM subforums at They are still active and hopefully someone will be able to help you out. As  the issue is happening on the software side you can at least rule out a coding issue with the throttle control board. Some users are using the freeware prosim Jetstream 737 model and PM with some success.


Having to buy yet another suite to get the functionality you want shouldn't be necessary I would think. I  hazard to guess that its something in the 737 aircraft cfg or airfile that needs tweaking, but as I don't fly the 737 its not something that I'am able to troubleshoot with you unfortunately.

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Lots of pages and sites I visited.

PM is having a GS problem on many setups from FSX and up.


And they were never able to pinpoint the cause....

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