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After TO can´t climb or gain speed (nose down pitch atitude)

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Hi everyone!!


I´ve recently made a major clean-installation on my computer:


  • Windows 10
  • FSX Steam Edition
  • PMDG 737NGX
  • EZdok Cam

and some more add-ons that i use such as scenarios, etc...


At the beginning everything work fine as a fly the 737NGX, but a few weeks ago i started to have major problems with the 737NGX after takeoff. It happens when i takeoff (Flaps 5 config for departure) and when i´m airborn:

  1. positive rate off climb
  2. gear up the speed start to raise 160-170 knots
  3. engage de AP.

, then aircraft simply does´t gain speed, does´t climb (the engine thrust is set correctly) and the aircraft start to get a negative pitch attitude, never then less IT DOES´T lose Altitude but i can´t climb and i can´t get airspeed (all instruments show correct measures).








What is more strange is that i disengage the AP and the AT (flying manual) and with full throttle, i trim the elevator, i raise the nose up and the airspeed drops to stall speed, i cant even get close to a clean speed.


Does anyone have experience something like this?


Thanks in advance.




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I've experienced the same.

After submitting a ticket, it was discovered that FSUIPC was causing my problem.

With as wonderful as FSUIPC is, it does some strange things to the NGX.

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First of all thank u very much. I will check it this weekend and i´ll let u know if the problem as been solved.

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