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[25NOV15] PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II - VC Preview!

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Amazing! The Queen was my first PMDG product, and it will most certainly be my next PMDG product! Looking forward to seeing the 748 preview as well. Keep up the amazing work guys, and thanks a lot for this update!

Sander Rutte

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AMAZING! Can´t really wait to see the 747-8I flight deck. I love the PMDG T7, but the PMDG 747-8 will my dream <3

Greetings from Germany,


Maurice Kroll 

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Thanks for the update it looks stunning.

2 Questions?

1) in this screen shot is there the same problem with textures as in the NG, were you get the strange cross hatch pattern when the panel lights come on. To be far I don't see it in the other shots so I hope its just because the AA looks very low or something else in this shot. 





2) At some point could you do the same test but for VAS. FPS are looking good.


That last shot is a shame you had that horrible white mess in the windscreen distracting from a great view.


Look forward to some P3d v3 shots as the lighting will be so much better.


Thanks again for the update.

David Murden.  P3D v5  FSL A321 / A320 / A319 : PMDG NGu / 748PMDG NG / 747-/ 777 : QW 787 :  Maddog MD-80 :Q400 :

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PC 4790k@4.6 : 1070 : 16GB DDR3 RAM : Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS: Thrustmaster TPR.

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Fantastic, especially as this already looks to be better fps wise than the 777 when it will come to release. My next rig will be running P3 V3 and the first installs will be the PMDG line of aircraft.


Will be good to see your first modern airliner on x-plane as well but that's a discussion for another time, not of course that I won't be flying the DC-6.

Iain Colledge




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Looking good, getting genuinely excited about this  :wub:


 I can tell you with confidence that this is the most accurate simulation of a 747-400 that you will find outside of a training center's certified simulator.


As a couple of posters have mentioned, do you include Aerowinx in that comparison?  If so, and you are stating that you expect it to be on-par or in excess of Aerowinx technical accuracy, then colour me impressed...

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Looking beautiful... Any discount for old 747 owners?


I don't work for them, but i can tell you straight away that no  :P

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Magic words in the CDU scratchpad which will take a lot of the pain out of long hauls in future, just as it does on the 777. I don't usually look closely at the preview pictures but the details in these look fantastic.


Thanks for the update.


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I hope those FPS statistics are taken on a mediocre machine and not a high end super computer (ex. 5960X CPU, 32GB ram, GTX 980SLI)

Konstantin Kharlamov

Supporter of: PMDG, FlyTampa, FsDreamTeam, FlightBeam, FSFX.


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Good work gents. Wondering what sound pack you guys will use with the 748i....


"Sound pack?"

Kyle Rodgers

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Thank you so much for the update !!

I must say this flight deck looks stunning... (Love the coffee stains !!! :Pig: )

You guys put a lot of hard work into this "Queen of the skies"... Chapeau messieurs ! :hi:

Edited by alex98

Alexandre Giordan


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