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Fscaptain fuel planning broken by new options

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Ever  since fscap started its fuel calculations were lways buggy.


But you could bypass this by entering your own figure during the dispatch in admin.


However no matter how the fuel figure was arrived at in Dispath either your figure or fscap figure.

Once fuel being loaded inside sim, fscap always loads extra in my instead of 500pounds loaded 600pounds


So the fuel figure agreed in admin is now NEVER what happeans at load, meaning fuel planning impossible.


In my case planning ga flight with range that requires nearly full tank, and fscap needing extra unplanned fuel makes the flight impossible cause its asking for more fuel than the ac tank.


To top it up, you could previously accept aircraft or manifest load during reconciliation, but now reconciliation is broken, meaning no compromise at that stage.









The math for fuel never gona work in new versions of fscap cause for one thing fuel reserve amount information is duplicated inside the config for the aircraft and a general options file, 2 variables for same value,



Time to move on for me. wasted enough time on this, enough ruined flight setups.


The old fscap allowed you to bypass its bugs, this one doesn't .

inshort you cant really plan a flight with the new fscap cause the fuel agreed at dispatch shown in the release IS NOT what fscap attempts to load once inside the sim. Its getting the need to load extra fuel from somewhere I don't know.



And if your tank not big enough for its extra unplanned fuel, no way forward.


Meaning you could go setup any flight plan you want, but fuel request from fscap is unpredictable and now impossible to bypass

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I use the Supress Auto Fuel Load in the Options for all airlines Tab.don't know if this would solve your problem.



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I echo Steve's comment above, I also suppress the auto load options in favour of the Aircraft's own systems, if you are interested, that option is available in the Administrator.  I use P3Dv3 and have so far had no problems using the above method.

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Thanks for the feedback. I am very way back fscap user. I am not sure its about auto fueling, cause it still allows me to match what it wants by setting fuel in P3D.


The problem is not setting fuel, problem is the fuel amount fscap is loading and requesting once you login , is totally not what was agreed in Dispatch its always more, and if you don't load this amount it request inside sim , game over.


I will try supress auto fuel load anyway cause i never used it before, but the problem is that its changing the fuel required once loading is done. Basically the manifest for fuel is updated once you login, and differs from dispatch.


Check fcom before load start, its asking for the fuel agreed at dispatch all ok say 500pounds.


Start load, load complete , now it always comes up with reconciliation, asking for 600 pounds of fuel, when dispatch was 500. This means io cant use fscap for flights near the range of my aircraft cause.


Basically fscap manifest for fuel changes now after load. 


To be honest if it worked i liked the changes put in, worked hard to get it going on few flights its ruined already, and then took quick look at air hauler 2 on youtube and discovered that now does pax as well.


Might take a look at air hauler before coming back to this, tired of fighting bugs.


Will try  supress auto fuelload but getting backup for fscap in form air hauler2, its looking interesting, never knew air hauler was such a huge program. Fscap is a career pilot, air hauler is a logistics mogul that now does pax. Never knew you could get AI to fly certain jobs for you in air hauler , sounds like fun.

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@Steve howlet


Thanks for the supress Auto fuel load tip, that allows me now to choose aircraft loading as right and continue, rather then previously not being able to choose between aircraft and manifest.


Its still got the problem of not remembering what was agreed in dispatch, but at least I can load whatever fuel I want and proceed



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