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Install ultimate traffic 2 P3D v3

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Hi guys, Looking for some help to install/copy Ultimate traffic 2 to P3D v3. Can anyone please give me step by step instructions to install/copy UT2 to P3D v3?


I read various posts for this purpose most requires FSX installed or dummy FSX or Use of EMT tool. Is there any way I can install UT2 without virtual FSX or EMT as I read somewhere that EMT can ruin the sim configure files.


Looking forward seeing ur help.



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 Is there any way I can install UT2 without virtual FSX 


I'm afraid not,  you need to either create a fake virtual FSX or use the EMT Tool.  If your going to use EMT you need to do a bit of reading up on it.  It works fine,  like everything else you need to educate yourself on it before using. 


This guy uses the EMT tool.  



Here is a thread chatting about it 



Elaine Dixon 

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As Elaine pointed out, there's no shortcut for this. UT2 wants to see FSX on your machine, so you have to fake it manually or use EMT.


I previously promised I would do a writeup on the topic and post it in a separate thread. Expected to be home last weekind, but won't be til next. I haven't forgotten.


Will do it then and hopefully it will help others.


Graham Derreck


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I never had an issue installing UT2 and never needed a fake directory or the EMT.

All you need to do is copy your prepar3d.exe. Now rename it to fsx.exe.


Then use the flight1 registry tool to put the proper registry entry in for the fsx.exe. That's it. After that, most installers (including UT2) will install fine into the P3D directory. 

But then you will have to edit the scenery.cfg as well manually add an entry to the exe file. If you google "install UT2 prepar3d 2.5" there's a thread on it here that gives the detailed instructions.

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First, do what I said and clone your prepar3d.exe and rename the copy to fsx.exe (leaving it in your P3D directory). Then download the Flight1 registry tool and it will create the fsx registry entry pointing to that fake fsx.exe.


Once that's done, install UT2 as normal.

Then follow these steps to make the changes needed to get it working:



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