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Something Strange about the 787

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hi community,


I have no idea what Aerosim have done with the 787, but I thought I would drop my finding here to see if anybody else may be on the same track as myself; I am talking of course about the dreaded AS_B8.dll error.


Like a lot of us, I have emailed Aerosim about this error, only to get the return email that I should reinstall my FSX. Obviously, this is hardly a choice for most of us who invest a lot of time installing and tweaking our sims. But now, I am starting to wonder if this failure is some kind of copy protection on the aircraft, my case in point:


Recently I did a fresh rebuild of my computer, formatted all of the drives, etc. Fresh install of FSX to a dedicated drive. Removed most of the MS default aircraft and missions, tested, all OK. Installed all of my scenery, tested OK. Installed my favourite aircraft (including the 787) tested, all OK.


Installed a new GPS into my aircraft and modified the panel.cfg accordingly, and all worked except the 787, which had the .dll crash.


Uninstalled the aircraft, did a gauge clean, a registry scan and clean, removed all remnants of the Aerosim files, rebooted again, and tried a reinstall. Same crash with the same error message.


Tried the above five times, and always crashed my sim. Remember, I have added nothing in between this process. So, I downloaded a tool, and decided to take a look at the suspect .dll myself. I noted a few errors, mostly in the formatting of the final lines of the .dll. All other entries within are JPGs for representation of the cockpit. Tried my modified .dll, same crash again. I was at a point of being out of ideas, when I decided to take a look at the Windows registry.


Ran regedit and did a search for both Aerosim, and AS_B8.dll. How about this........in both cases, it blue screened my computer! Just doing a registry search for those entries! I've editied registries plenty of times before, and NEVER had a blue screen.


I am starting to suspect that this could possibly be some sort of anti-piracy measure. Would anybody here agree? It's the only logical conclusion that I can come to. Especially unhappy about the blue screening, I will edit some other parts of my Windows registry today as a test.


Would love to hear some other opinions.





Kind regards,



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HOW TO UPDATE AEROSIM 787 to Update 1 and Update 2


After about 5 hours of trial and error I got it As you may know, there are 2 updates in the official Aerosim site for the 787, as you might have tried, they DELETE your 787s


1. Download both updates from their site


(IMPORTANT, if you had already tried to update and got files deleted, you HAVE to run the updaters AGAIN, TO SEE if there is any TRACE of those "updates", if there is, the installation will ask you about "Modify, Repair, Remove" instead of normal installation)


2. , Run the 2ND updater, if it asks you about these three options, SELECT REMOVE and finish the process, REPEAT for 1ST updater and then for the base 787 Installer. You should be in a point where NONE of the three installers offer you the "Modify, Repair, Remove" options, so they are all three FULLY uninstalled with NO TRACE.


3. Install the BASE 787 with your serial and everything


4. Open the UPDATE 1 installer (WAIT, READ FIRST!!!), DONT COMPLETE THE UPDATE! After you put the serial info, at the very LAST STEP, when the button "Next" changes to "Finish" DONT PRESS FINISH, this is where your 787 gets DELETED, instead open TASK MANAGER and KILL the Windows InstallShield process, an error message will pop-up, dismiss is with the button in it, I think it says Accept, doesnt matter.


5. IMPORTANT!!! Go to your %FSXfolder%>Gauges> and COPY "AS_787.CAB" and PASTE IT RIGHT AWAY somewhere else safe in your PC


5. Repeat the process for UPDATE 2 exactly the same, dont press "Finish" at the end, instead KILL the Windows Install Shield process. (In this moment, the UPDATE2 would have deleted your "AS_787.CAB")




6. Go to %FSXfolder%>SimObjects>Airplanes>AS_B7878_GE_FSX(and AS_B7878_RR_FSX later) and rightclick "aircraft.cfg", Properties, select "Read only" and accept.


7. Copy the file "AS_787.CAB" yo had previously saved somewhere else back to the Gauges folder, do the same process with it, right click>properties>read only>accept.



That's it, open FSX, select your 787 and nothing will delete, and you will have them UP-TO-DATE.


////////////WHAT IS GOING ON?///////////////


This software has a strong (but bugged) anti-piracy system, for some reason I don't understand, this "system" engages even for people that PAID for the software.

1. When you click FINISH in the UPDATE1 installer, it will delete almost every single file from your 787, that's why you should KILL the process instead of clicking FINISH.

2. The same happens with the UPDATE2 but a little worse, even before the FINISH screen, your "AS_787.CAB" in the Gauges folder also gets deleted, that's why you should save it before UPDATE2

3. At any moment that you select the 787 in the game, inside the folders %FSXfolder%>SimObjects>Airplanes>AS_B7878_GE_FSX and AS_B7878_RR_FSX, the files "aircraft.cfg" and "panels.cfg(Inside "Panel" folder) get DELETED AUTOMATICALLY, and also the "AS_787.CAB" in Gauges.


I'm happy I sorted it out, took me the whole afternoon, I would be glad if this doesn't take someone else's from now on.


You're welcome.

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