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California - Climbing the High Sierra

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Thanks, Jeff.  I read the narrative pdf, but I don't see it there....???  Did I read the wrong one? 


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Some photos from last Saturday's flight. Taking off from Redding it was found that the WX was going to be a huge factor. We didn't even get to our first airport (CA53 - Tews) when it was decided not to go with real WX as it was only going to get worse in the mountains. We all dis/re-connected @ CA53 and had Ron run a theme instead (ORBX #5) which closely resembled the real WX without being overly bad. Some other "quirks" were had too.

The crew... (Fore 2 Aft) Josh in the Comanche; Ron in the CAP C182; Nick in a 337 Skymaster; Bert in the RV-7A; Mike in the LDR Navion B; Myself in A Beech V-35B; Jeff pulling up in a Comanche; and finally, Stew in a Beech A36 as "Tail End Charlie".


The crew, from Stew's view.. ( Say that 3 times real fast - :LMAO:


Just westward, there are two bridges that might tempt foolhardy pilots to do something reckless rather than safe.

Going underneath the South Market Street bridge just west of the Sundial Bridge. Not sure if there was a tail strike, it was real close!


Splitting the Railroad / Benton Dr. / Dieselehorst Bridges.


Going over the Keswick Dam trying to get a good shot.


The great Shasta Dam with the eery WX showing itself.


Crossing over, just south of, Mount Lassen.


Ron taxiing in after arriving @ O05 - Rogers while the crew awaits. This airport had some kind of ant-gravity field going on as experienced by a few of us. It should've been relatively easy to get down at a 4530 foot field elevation. It took a less than stalling speed and nearly full down elevator just to get the wheels to touch. I observed, while taking off, that indeed, something was amiss. Approaching stall speed with no flaps the V35B just jumped about 200 feet into the air with a need to stall recover after the "jump" just to keep the aircraft in the air. This airport will have to be revisited.


Ron coming in @ 2O1 - Quincy's Gansner Field after a fun approach through the valley.


The crew at 2O1. A couple of OOM's occoured here by a few. We all started monitoring VAS and then over the radio came - "Let's get outta here!" Sure enough, once we left the area VAS dropped considerably.


Josh bringing in the Comanche @ KPVF - Placerville - Nice! The WX is clearing but the flight is nearly over!


Stew on approach to Placerville just prior to touchdown as we all look on.


Josh, Jeff, Mike, Myself, Nick & finally Bert at Lake Tahoe.


A little more sun showing the group in reverse, a busy place..


A little shot of the WX that we were lucky to miss.


The last glimpse of the sun.


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