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Prepar3D released

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Just curious and hard to follow.  So if we uninstall 3.0 and then install 3.1 we are ok except some minor things like Objectflow and ASN?   Or do we need to reinstall all the addons?  


Uninstall addons then reinstall?



Just install main setup.exe and try it no need to uninstall without trying it first - I didnt uninstall anything just installed the setup.exe - make sure you direct the path to your old install or that would be a problem - worked great for me

Rich Sennett


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I've just installed the client update after uninstalling the 3.0 client. Seems to have broken nothing except for Active Sky Next and maybe the ORBX objectFlow.dll.

Same here. Have not yet flown PMDG/Aerosoft but all else seems good. It was a quick and easy update...I'm sure both ASN and ORBX fixes will be along soon.

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Anyone with UTP3D (i.e. UTX) try the upgrade?

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Anyone with successful update see any problems with ORBX as was mentioned by ORBX above?


Dick near Pittsburgh, USA

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Hey rob,


What about the HT on VAS thing?


Haven't re-tested and no mention of it in Learning Center .chm.  But I honestly didn't expect anything to be done ... something that core (threading to multiple processors) would be a very time consuming and a difficult task to resolve with high degree of breaking changes, something better left to a major version update and not a minor version update.


Cheers, Rob.

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looking forward to this! cant wait to install this tonight :D


  • Enhanced visual quality of water offering greater fidelity at high altitudes and better wave dynamics with high winds

George Kyriazis | www.georgekonline.com



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Read all the threads and still as clear as mud to a non tech savvy like me....


If I uninstall my v3 client via Programs and features and then install 3.1 do I then have to reinstall all my add ons again ??



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John Venema at OrbX


We don't recommend moving to 3.1 until Objecflow is unbroken again. Right now it's not working.


Just enjoy all the benefits and performance improvements of 3.0 for the time being; we're continuing to aggressively roll out 3.0 compatible installers which should (fingers crossed) work fine in 3.1 when OF is updated.




So whilst waiting for a green light from OrbX, at what point in the uninstall/install cycle should I install Prepare3D v.3.1? Before or after I uninstall W7 and install W10?


As Charles Bronson said in the Dirty Dozen about killing generals, all this uninstalling and installing could become a habit.


Seems to me, flight simulation is beginning to lose the plot.




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Hi folks,


just updated v3 to v3.1. Client update worked Content update worked. Took a quick spin in the NGX around Taxi2Gates EDDM with no probs and high fps ( fluid mid 30s) Installed the FSFX files and goin to EDDM again. After that i'll check Friday Harbor although objectflow is brolen....again :S anyway no big deal for me.




My youtube blog________________________Prepar3D v2.5/v3


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This makes my day/week, as my Windows 10 installation boot decided to perform hari kari.  Took me a while struggling before I realized I have to do a new install (starting with an 8 disk, sigh).  So v3.1 will be on a clean installation; this time I'm not going to slack on backups.   


I can't try it myself this time, but I am wondering if just renaming the Prepar3d v3 folder to v3.0, and just installing v3.1 back into the default folder would work for a v3.0/v3.1 switch.   You could go back by simply renaming the new install to Prepar3d v3.1, and the old install back to Prepar3d v3.  OK, so yes you have to extend this thinking to roaming/LM, local/LM, documents/P3d files, and ProgramData/LM, but put those renames in a bat file and it's no more sweat.  


This is some form of entertainment.

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Any changes to the PMDG lighting problem ? Is this still present ?


Thanks gentlemen, Carsten

Carsten U

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I have been doing this hobby since runways were just little green jaggy lines. I must say this crap is getting old even to me. Install this but that won't work. Make these changes and hope the devs fix things later.....no no just uninstall this and install just the client and hope for the rest to work later. The fixes are beginning to be worse than the original problem. I fear I may have backed the wrong horse in this race!! I think the imates may be running the nut house at LM. 


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IF I uninstall the 3.0 client and install the 3.1 client... 


What would break? would the Orbx object flow give me me CTD? or do I simply remove the object flow from the dll.xml?


I have already disabled FSDT manager anyway


Beta tester for SIMStarter 

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Object flow shouldn't give you a CTD, it just won't work with the scenery until they can update it, but I think you can just ignore when you get the popup and still use the Simm?

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