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SSD is only 120GB

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I'm doing a fresh install of FS9 on the new computer It has an SSD mainly for quick bootup, but  am wondering  if there is room for all my addons if i let fs9 and all the other stuff install there in Program files / microsoft games etc   I will be installing


O/S is Win 7  (64)

1  FS Genesis Europe

2  Ultimate terrain  Europe

3  REX

4  Couple of extreme airports 

 5 dreamfleet 727 

6  Ifly 737 

7 ??? Possibly Ground environment 

I've no idea how much space it will all take up  but would have  thought it either impossible or very tight

Does it all have to be installed in the Programmes FS9 directory ?

What parts can be installed outside of the SSD ie on the HDD

is it all outside  or all in  ? Any reccomendations welcome 



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I assume you're talking about your C:-drive? I never had any problems to install Windows and all basic C:-drive programs on there and the sim and addons are on their own drive, which is in my case 540GB (about half that would do for my system), so it shouldnt give any problems on your start-up/Windows/C:-drive.

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Ok so FS9 can be on my other drive (500GB )   in its own folder / directory

presumably that means i have to custom install ? 

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