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Problems controlling 737 and 777 AP

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Hi guys,

I´m just trying to set LINDA up for my joystick. I try to map the AP and AT-buttons located the yoke and throttles of 737/777 to buttons on my joystick but I´ve run into some problems:


General mapping plan:

On Press: activate AP respective AT

On repeat: disengage AP respective AT

Besides these some other things like TOGA-Mode (no more clicking invisible clickspots) and speed-brake arming.


When I thenn use the LINDA setting "NGX AP soft disconnect" in the NGX, the AP will be disconnected, but the LNAV and VNAV modes will not be transfered to the FD, resulting in no LNAV or VNAV guidance. When I do the same action assigned to an key via PMDG´s inbuild assigning tool, it works just as expected. Did I miss something here (wrong variable or sth.)? 

In the 777 with the LINDA setting "PMDG AP Disengage" the modes are transfered nicely but an master warning is triggered which won´t stop till AP is reconnected (not verry useful on final approach).


Could someone with more inside tell me how to configure it correctly?

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Hi Steffan


If you are trying to toggle the AP or AT on and off then the assignment you suggest will not work. Using the OnPress and OnRepeat will only rapidly cycle the AP/AT on and off.  If you only wish to use a single button then you need a specific Toggle function. I don't know whether one exists for the 737/777 but it works something like this:


function AP_toggle


      if AP set on then






The master alarm on disengaging the AP is normal. If either pilot switches the AP off, intentionally or by mistake, this is a critical action and the alarm sounds to warn both pilots that they are flying manual. This requires the pilots to acknowledge the action by cancelling the alarm. This is how the Airbus AP disengage works.

Andrew Gransden

Scotland, UK

LINDA Support/Developer - VATSIM and BAVirtual - Airbus Flyer

i7 1TB SSD GTX980 - FSX/P3D - Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 - FS2Crew

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