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Captain Sim 737 questions before buying - INS? FDE? Liveries? Gravel kit?

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I have read most of the reviews and posts on this site and others, but most of them aren't very recent and may therefore not reflect all the changes brought by the various service packs. So I have some questions before buying the Captain Sim 737.


1. In most reviews and posts there is mentioning that the FDE of the CS 737 isn't optimal. Has that been addressed in one of the service patches? If not, there seem to be some tweeks that can be found on some sites, could someone point me to them?

2. What I like about the planes from the era pre-FMC/GPS/LNAV is navigation using INS. Does the Captain Sim 737 now work with an INS (CIVA or other)? Some posts in the forums suggested that since the latest SP 1.6 this no longer works.

3. Liveries - on the Captain Sim site it says that all liveries will also work with the C/F model. What exactly does that mean? Can I for instance take an Alaska livery done for the -200 passenger and use it on the C/F version without problems?

4. Lastly, is there a gravel kit version?


I would have loved asking those questions on the CS' own forum but one has to have purchased the product before accessing the forum. No good for me since I am still in consideration phase.


Thanks for any information.


(NB: I had originally posted this in the FSX forum before I realised that there was an unofficial Captain Sim forum here. I had previously only checked the Captain Sim forums on their site, but there I don't have access to the 737 section because I haven't bought it yet. I'll alert forum moderators in the FSX to delete my thread because it is the same question as this one. Apologies for the confusion)

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