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Just a head's up...about your DX10 Fixer Library...

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I had noticed that some of my REX 4 Texture (tropical waters) didn't seem to look right.  Where I had reflections, I was getting pink/purple movement reflections.


So,  reapplied my Tropical Pronounced Coral textures, and fired up FSX again.  Same thing.  I had not messed with my settings from Steve's Fixer (latest version), so didn't think my rendering problems might be coming from there.  


When applying REX textures again did not fix the tropical water etc...I then on a hunch, uninstalled the DX10 Steve's Fixer library, and rebooted my system. Upon the Desktop, I installed the library, and went thought all the options, pressing APPLY as I went.


The result?  Perfect tropical water, and everything else, once more.  The moral of the story, is that over time, or whatever, a voltage peak...whatever...your DX10 Fixer library files can corrupt.  If you notice something...or for that matter, don't even realize that you are not getting the best rendering from your DX10 mode, I suggest you cycle your DX10 Library, reboot your system, and then fire up FSX again. One more the REX setups...for your DX flavor...make sure when loading and pointing to FSX, that you ONLY use the DX10 settings, none, with DX11, for some problems could result. When you want to load textures into P3D, then first...go back, and reset the REX DX mode to anything that can show DX11...and THEN, create and load into P3D.x


Here's a pic of my post cycling my FSX DX10 Library, and REX's Pronounced Coral (Dark) is great, once more!


So there you have it....

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