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G1000 not working in P3Dv3.1 - Need Help!

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Good Evening Ed,



I have just recently purchased P3Dv3.1 and wanted to install the G1000 PFD and Audio Panel as a pop up panel for the Flight1 B200.




First things first, I know people are probably wondering why I am asking this as the F1 B200 already has a G1000. Well, Im planning a simpit based on this aircraft, and it only allows 1 PFD ( the pilots ) to be displayed as a 2D popup. You also cannot remove the bezels. It also does not have an audio panel pop-up. Hence I want the Mindstar G1000 PFD's and Audio Panels set up for both pilot and copilot.


To start with, I have a dedicated Simulator computer which has no anti-virus installed, I have Windows Defender turned off and I have the DEP cleared. I always run every program as an administrator. Everything went well in the initial install, no errors or anything like that so straight away I do not believe I am having any permissions issues or issues with the install. I downloaded the installer from your website today so I am presuming this is the latest installer that works with P3Dv3.1? I also have P3D on a separate SSD, and this is where I directed the G1000 installer to. I am running Windows 7.



I have had your software for a while, and I have always flown the pre-loaded G1000 Cessna’s in FSX from the virtual cockpit before I switched to P3D, so I never went through the process of installing the G1000 as a pop up, and it is now that I am running into problems.



What I am doing is not working. I am starting with trying to install the PFD as a pop-up, which after what I presumed to be the correct actions in going about setting this up, when I go to Views-Instrument Panel- Mindstar PFD in the P3D menu it just loads a black square on the screen and immediately crashes P3D back to the desktop as per the pictures below;






I started by creating a PFD in the G1KSetup, then went into the panel.cfg of the Flight1 B200 and made the correct ( are they? ) entries as per the documentation on your website.










Where does this gauge go? As in when I create one as a Twin Turbine Style, where can I check where it actually is. Should it not be in the gauge.ini file once it is created? Mine is not.


Also, in regards to the gauge.ini file, your website lists this as the correct name for this file, however in my files it is just named "G1000", there is no .ini after it as in the picture below;




Should it be like that?


I have a suggestion for your website as well - you really need to update it. To me it is pretty confusing, especially when everything is referring to FSX yet on this forum you mention that everything has been updated for P3D. You make reference to an updated installer on this forum, but the link is dead and on your website there is nothing that suggests that the installer that you download is the correct one and that it will work for P3D. The installer even still says for "Microsoft Flight Simulator". Surely things like this can be updated.....


Lastly, am I correct in saying that the Mindstar G1000 can only be a configured as a pop-up in an aircraft that is natively on P3D and any add-ons you put on there through changing the panel.cfg file of that particular aircraft?


Anyway, Im at my patience limit with this. I have spent hours trying to figure out what's wrong, but nothing seems to work. Yes, I have uninstalled and re-installed. A lot.....


Can you please help me out. I like your software, always have, but this is frustrating! Also, someone named Gray supposedly has this exact same setup that I am trying to achieve with the F1 Citation Mustang. I do not have this aircraft, therefore cannot access the F1 support forum to find out how he did this or at least get some general information.


If anyone reading this has tried installing the G1000 as a pop-up in P3Dv3.1, and especially the F1 B200, I'm all ears!!!!!



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First, change the PFD1 to PFD0. I don't know why you selected PFD1, but you can't have it without the primary which is PFD0.


Second, lack of file extensions displaying is something to do with your system and I really couldn't say why it's not displaying. I'm also going to assume that the lack of the file being updated is a security issue on your computer. File write is being blocked by your OS or a third-party protection process.


Third, as to your question about "can only be configured"... I honestly don't know what you're asking me.

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Hi Ed,


Thanks for the response.  Unfortunately I changed the panel.cfg as you suggested but it still does the same thing;




Panel config entry was changed to PFD0 as in the picture.  Result still the same....



The reason I put PFD1 was because this is thedescribed on your website instructions.  Am I missing something here?



So is there something wrong still?



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What we describe on the website is for additional popups of the primary gauge.


It appears you have no primary gauge so it's not going to work the way you want it to work.


I'm also going to point out that if you don't understand how the panel.cfg file works, and what the values in the entries mean, you're in way over your head. You need to read up on the basics of an aircraft's panel.cfg definition which I'm pretty certain we recommend on our web site.


This stuff isn't for people who don't know what they're doing, nor for the faint of heart.

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What is this, quantum physics?


Pretty arrogant comments to someone who is a paying customer for your software and was only asking for some help and advice, which is what we do in the flightsim community.  Maybe your website should come with a big warning on the front page that only superhuman intellectual minds of the highest order should dare purchase your brilliant software.......


Now that we have established that I have no clue what I am doing and that I am faint at heart,  thanks for the answer, now I understand that you need to create a primary 2d panel in order to have an individual pop-up gauge. 


With that said, I'll be looking at Flight1's G1000 software instead, considering this is the insults Im going to get for asking a question.


Have a ###### day ######.





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I've changed my mind about your post... and I'm going to address it.


We didn't design the panel system in FSX/Prepar3D... Microsoft did. It's not simple and there are rules that have to be adhered to that aren't written down. A great deal of individuals have modified panel.cfg files only to find out they've completely borked something up and then they come asking for someone to provide a copy of the original panel.cfg file. So... is it quantum physics... probably not, but it is hard if you don't read up and understand what all the entries in the file mean/are for.


The G1000 is not an addon avionics product like a 430, 530, 650 etc. It's the avionics for the aircraft it's installed into. Thus you can't make it a 'popup-only' install because it doesn't expect to be used as a secondary instrument.


At no point have you provided the contents of your panel.cfg, and in all honesty that makes things very difficult because I can't see the 'whole picture'.


I have been polite, despite your not following forum rules (no name) and I have attempted to assist, despite not seeing everything you're doing (cookie cutter pictures show very little).


You want someone to assist you, but apparently you don't want to be told that you're getting into areas that do require you understand how the underlying system works. When you ask me if a comment line is necessary (your post above), that's when I become concerned that you don't understand what you're trying to do. It's important that you do understand what you're doing.


If being told the truth offends you, then there is little I can do to not offend you as I'm not going to sugar-coat, lie or otherwise mislead or misrepresent. It isn't going to happen.

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