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new to flight sim and looking for some help

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4 yrs ago i was going to jump into flight sim world but racing cars consumed up a lot of my time. Im throttling back on racing and looking to get into flying and eventually my real pilots license. 

First a little about what i have, i have an obutto ozone cockpit and i was going to see if i could use this setup 






while keeping my racing wheel attached so i do not have to keep swapping back and fourth between sims.

My pc:

triple monitors,INTEL BOX INTEL CORE I5-6600K, GIGABYTE Z170XGAMING5 LGA1151 ATX, liquid cooled, SAMSUNG E 250GB 850 EVO SSD, NVIDIA GTX 980 video cars, sound blaster audio card with surround sound speakers. Running Windows 7 Professional

My Questions:

1. i would like controls for flying to fit the above obutto link, i have a great set off racingpedals with gas, brake, and clutch, can i use the gas and clutch in a sym for my rudder pedals? they are screwed down and would be easier to have one set for both. So i am open for options on controls, i would like something good may be not the best unless the difference in price is minimal. 
2. what program? i use iracing for racing because its easy web based, adding mods is easy and plenty of people who use it to help with any issues. So any recommendations on programs. Any threads that shows the differences between the offerings? Again a main concern of mine is learning and using what i learn in the real world but thats not to say id love to get in the cockpit of some planes i would never fly.
3.anything else i need to know, any books to read ( i have read stick and rudder) or other forums to look at for experience?

Im open for advice, no ego here, just wanna learn and try to do this correct from the beginning.



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1. No, you cannot use racing car controls for flight! Just think about it. A aircraft yoke moves in & out (up & down) & turns as well.

You have 3 car pedals. Aircraft have rudder pedals & toe brakes. As you press one pedal, the other will rise.


2. Programs.. Have a look at FSX: SE on Steam. (Google is your friend)


3. Plenty.. look & read as many forums as you can. Do the flying lessons buit into the program.


Make sure the number of your landings equal the number of your take-off's.


Start off on the basic aircraft, learn & then go to the faster ones.


"Onward & Upward" ...
To the Stars, & Beyond... 

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Thanks good to know, i was suggesting i use my steering wheel, but didnt know if the pedals would work (but now i know). Any suggestions on equipment?

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When you´re using a joystick instead of a yoke, you could assign the rudder movement to the twist axis from the joystick and then you could use the throttle and clutch from your racing pedals for brakes. It´s not ideal, but it should work.


FSX:SE is a good commercial program, easy to get through Steam and plenty of addons around already. I use Prepar3Dv3 myself and I love it, I also got FSX:SE, but hardly use it anymore, since all addons I need are there for P3D by now. It's a personal choice. You also could go for X-Plane, which is also available through Steam.

Prepar3D and FSX are both based on ESP and are quite alike when it comes to setting up your sim and quite a few addons work on both, X-Plane is totally different and needs specific X-Plane addons, but like I said, it's a personal choice.


Angle of Attack has a free video series for beginning sim pilots, called Aviator90, which is very good and covers all the basics of flying in a sim.



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Thanks, i will just go and order everything i need for flying and make it work with my obutto

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