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Nose gear veering to the right after landing

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I've recently had a new bug. After I land, the nose gear always persistently turns to the right. The steering is perfectly fine before takeoff.

I've checked to make sure that both engines are on and they both respond to throttle input simultaneously.

The joystick is also ok, I use the rudder input to control steering. While the rudder responds normally to rudder inputs, the nosewheel responds as if it was trimmed to the right. I can still taxi straight by applying continuous left rudder.


This issue has manifested in both the PMDG 737 NGX and the Aerosoft Airbus A320. At this point I'm not sure what the problem is. I used two different ACARS software, VPilot, and AS Next.


Any help is appreciated.

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Hi flagsfly,


that sounds to me like your nose wheel might got stuck in a deflected position. I too use my rudder pedals to control the tiller. To make this work I created a little lua script to use with FSUIPC that allows me to use the rotary knob on the front of my CH Eclipse yoke to switch from "tiller moder" to "rudder mode" and vice versa. On first use I accidentally switched that knob to "tiller mode" very shortly after take off. When noticing my mistake I hastily switched back to "rudder mode" but I missed to center the pedals prior to that and as a consequence of this my nose wheel remained in a deflected position giving me a not so nice surprise on touchdown....


I am not familiar with the 737 and the 320 but as you use your rudder pedals in a similar way maybe your problem is somehow related to mine? You should be able to check this by choosing an external view and having a closer look to your aircraft's nosewheel prior to or shortly after take off. Maybe it is for some reason still in the position it was in at the time you lined up. Try turning the tiller using the mouse prior to take off.




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