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Dual Install of Vector, OpenLC, etc. for FSX and P3D so that they share the files

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Hello folks,


I have a question about performing a dual install of ORBX products such as Vector, OpenLC, NZSI, AU, (and so on) for FSX and P3D. So far I have been using them for FSX:SE, but now I want to run them on P3D v3.2. I know that all of these products have installers that are compatible with all simulation platforms, and I have already installed FTX Global base, one for each sim. My issue is this: Isn't it possible to install these products in a way that makes both sims sharing the files?  Given that Vector alone consumes 13GB of hard drive space inside the ORBX folder of FSX:SE, it would be quite wasteful to have additional 13GB added to the hard drive by another separate installation with files that are largely identical (maybe except of a few that are specific to each sim, but maybe not) to the ones already existing. I understand that this method wouldn't work for FTX Global Base, because it replaces the default textures of the simulator in its own Texture folder. However, the other products don't replace anything, but supply the simulators with their own scenery and texture files.


Technically it is possible to add the scenery using the scenery library and referencing to the folders FSX\ORBX\[Product Name]...  However, I am not sure if that method does not produce any unforeseen glitches, especially with ORBX Vector. Making a separate install would eliminate the risk, but on the other hand, if I installed all of these products separately for P3D again, my hard drive would be choked with an additional 45GB of files... (And that does not take other future products into account that I will buy, such as OpenLC USA). Anyone can give me an advice?  It's not that my SSD lacks the space now, it's just that I also would need to carry these files when performing back-ups onto other drives.

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You used to be able to but as far as now i think the sims have diverged too much and they don't support it anymore. There are differences such as objectflow etc. The only thing I know that lets you share still and works is FSglobal 2010. If the packages were just .bgl and textures then it would be OK but orbx goes beyond that....

Steve McNitt

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I would suggest using another HD for your P3D installation.  That's what I've seen others do, one drive for each sim, and it seems to work for those who have tried it.


"Different dog, different fleas"



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Thank you for your suggestions. It looks like ORBX Vector can be used after all by registering the respective folders in the scenery library and sort them in the correct priority order. All Vector folders only contain scenery subfolders and no textures, which should at least help reduce the risk of incompatible textures. The other advantage is that any changes made in the Vector configurator impact the bgl files, which affects both sims at the same time.


For the regional products, such as Australia and New Zealand, I guess that the simple scenery registration method will not work well, because it is required to switch from "Global" to "Oceania" in FTX Central 2 to have the correct objects displayed - however, FTX Central doesn't know that the regional add-ons are installed when they are merely being added to P3D's scenery library. 

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