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Angelo Cosma

Good 737NG Checklist One page pref

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Can anyone recommend a good 737NG checklist that fits on one 8.5x11 page that will fit in the checklist slot on the glareshield? I want to print one off and laminate which I can do at work. Let me know your guys' recommendations. Thanks all. Front and back would be fine so theoretically a two page checklist would be perfect. 


I doesn't have to be specific to PMDG but I am asking here since this is the most likely place to get one that covers everything since PMDG is essentially the real aircraft if you ask me. 

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Here's the one I use (link).  Fits nicely on a single, double-sided page.

Doug Miannay

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Here's the one that I use. (link) He has two checklists, one for the 600/700 series and one for the 800/900 series.

Mark Bennett

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I'll try my best to make this post not sound too much like a rant, but I've got to say it - I don't like most of those "ready-to-use" checklists on the internet. Bear in mind that most of them are based on some sort of SOP and probably not universal for worldwide usage.


Referring to the checklist in post #2, I feel like my intelligence is being insulted, if I read something like "TAXI SPEED..........<20" in a checklist. Also, you don't always follow those exact procedures after takeoff, don't always turn the seat belt signs off on FL100 and don't always set the final approach speed to VREF+5, just to name a few examples. All of that is dependent on region, airport and weather.


With that said, I would strongly encourage you to write your own checklist, by consulting the tutorials and the FCOM v1. That way you get very familiar with the aircraft as well. Besides, it's always better to think for yourself, as opposed to blindly following instructions, just because a checklist said so.

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