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No assignment for NAV lights

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Have been assigning functions in FSX to the buttons on my Saitek quadrant (yoke) and wanted to assign the NAV light to a button.

When I select the Controller type=yoke and Event category=lights the only selections under Buttons/Keys I get are Landing lights (6 of them), Lights (all), Panel lights and Strobe lights.  What happened to NAV, beacon, taxi lights etc?

Any suggestions?

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If you have the paid version of FSUIPC - you can - "Toggle Nav Lights"...


It also has "Toggle Taxi Lights" and "Toggle Beacon Lights"...


FSUIPC is a must...




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Considered that, but just bought SPAD.neXt instead which does not require FSUIPC (although it can work with the unpaid version) but it has some issues on my computer for some reason, that's why I switched back to FSX for control over some of the switches.

I'm running Win8.1 and  understand that this too can cause problems.  

SPAD.neXt offers the ability to save profiles with settings for individual aircraft and that is what I wanted as the Saitek drivers suck and FSX does not allow individual profiles.

Appreciate the suggestion though.


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If you have FSUIPC (even the unregistered version) installed then you also have all of the FSUIPC documentation, including a list of all of the key events, or controls, that FSX recognizes.


In that doc you will see all of the individual lights listed.


Do you know where the FSX.cfg is?


In that folder is another folder named Controls. In that folder is a text file named standard.xml which can be edited with Notepad


Go into the sim and assign an available event to the button you want to control the NAV lights. Close the sim.


Open standard.xml and find that event.


Replace that event with the event from the FSUIPC doc.


Save the file and Bob's 'yer Uncle.




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