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[25MAY16] PMDG 747-400BCF preview!

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This is looking great as usual! As a 747 Classic (USAF E-4B) Flight Engineer, I can't wait for this one. I get to play with 747's at work, and soon I'll be doing the same at home! ha!


The 747 is an amazing machine, you guys that are willing to learn the systems are in for a treat.

-Jason Peters, MSgt, USAF Ret.
Charter Pilot (SIC). Citation II, V, Ultra, & Excel
Comm-ASEL, AMEL, IFR, & Flt Engineer-Turbojet

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August it is, then... :Tounge:

didn`t say any release day there and ill be along time before it will be released as it didn`t eve enter beta testing yet

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Thank you for taking such good care of freight haulers! I feel like this package is being made specially for cargo pilots and this is an unusual feeling. :) 



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Rui Laureano

Lisboa, Portugal

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My pants have tightened! Looking forward to getting some solid cargo hours in with FlyUK once this is out. Exciting!

Karl Brooker

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I thought it might be appropriate to give you a bit of an update on the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II


Don't you mean III :Big Grin:

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(Okay- the Sawzall part might be alliteration...)




I do not think [that word] means what you think it means.


-stefan strandberg


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The modeling technique used on the engines is superb! Just look at the fan blades\cowlings in the first picture...amazing! The color tones of the blades themselves make them look very realistic. Sure gives it that "depth perception". :hi:  



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Great shots again! Thanks for the sitrep.


Can't wait to see it in P3D's lighting

*ahem* *cough cough*



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Darren Klenk

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Lovely shots! The Queen of the Skies II is definitely going to be an instabuy!

Fabrizio Barbierato


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Will PMDG consider modelling damage? Like, for example, a windscreen cracking. Or a tyre or tyres deflating. I don't mean so we can be stupid and intentionally cause damage. I mean visual damage from real-world situations that can occur any time.

Matthew Bellette

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Looking good! Love how all the little static wicks are there  :wub:

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Looks fantastic!


Hey Robert,

I can't recall if you mentioned if she'll be available for both FSX and P3D on the initial release?


I'm planning on painting her with the same wear and tear I put on my 777Fs:



And the pax door will be well-worn as well. :smile:



And I've flown this all over the world....sad that UPS doesn't fly the 777, but they fly the Queen!  I'll be adding the photo-real tail to the 744 as well.



I love the "sutter twist" comment (and feature)...I wonder how many here had to Google it?  :smile:

Another visual feature I love is the wingtips bent down at the tips, as they are in real life when full of fuel.....will be so cool to watch them flex up on takeoff!


Hard to sit still waiting for the Queen....I want to PAINT (and fly) her! Hehe


Steve Dra

Download my paints here at Avsim by clicking here


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Gracias por la actualización Quiero hacer dos preguntas


1. después del lanzamiento del proyecto 747 seguirá un B767 o tal vez un buen Antonov jajaja me dejo llevar por mis sueños con este último, pero espero que sea un avión comercial



2. las que se pondrá en marcha con el primer paquete de expansión y que, esperemos que no se olvide B777 con actualizaciones porque éste maestro después de la 747, 767 y Antonov, de verdad muchas gracias por la actualización

Gracias por la actualización  

Steven Silva


Airplanes Inside of me, pilot in VATSIM and IVAO

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