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[25MAY16] PMDG 747-400BCF preview!

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Poteten i øst vil finne sin oppfyllelse i vinkler av komprimering. Ja, hvem har ikke kastet den bacon til befrielse av vannet uavhengighet?


And that's all I have to say about that!


Something was lost in translation


"The potato in the east will find it's fulfillment in angles of compression. Yes, who haven't tossed the bacon for deliverance of the water of independence."


No, no, it's all clear..  :lol:

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That's a cool gif LOL! It looks like a Harrier. But I think its faked. My gut feeling is that wake turbulence of that thing missing your head by a foot or two would blow you right of your feet, no matter how stoic you are! LOL!

It's a Mirage F1. As the cameraman was able to remain standing up there's no reason why the guy in shot couldn't do it either. Faking it wouldn't be easy given the way the camera moves around after the Mirage flies over.


Back on topic, nice to see a 747BCF in FSX at long last. I have a feeling the "747-400 Queen of the Skies II" is going to get abreviated on here to something rather more keyboard friendly very soon. :wink:


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Cant wait! Im highly interested to see what platform the majority of the community buys her for. Just curious where the market is going. :smile:

-Sean L

PPL + IFR, SEL HP/Complex.. LAS WN Ground Ops



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FSX, FSX, FSX!! Alright that was a 'desperate' attemp to dump the P3D price a little ;-). Can't wait to fly her in and out of EDDF.

Amadeo Araujo

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excuse me for my imprudence in having written in Spanish my last answer. not happen again and here I quote what he meant


1. after the launch of the project will follow a B767 747 or maybe a good Antonov lol I let go of my dreams with the latter, but I hope it's a commercial airliner


2. What are the models that will come out in the original release and what seras expansions , hopefully not B777 forget to updates because this is also widely used and we have thanks to PMDG after salidad 747 will come the 767 or Antonov , really thank you very much for the update


real excuse my carelessness in this language

Steven Silva


Airplanes Inside of me, pilot in VATSIM and IVAO

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Cant wait! Im highly interested to see what platform the majority of the community buys her for. Just curious where the market is going. :smile:



P3D 64bit. Definitely.

For now I'll stick with the old FSX as I want to have at least FSGRW, ORBX LC EU+NA + Global, IVAO IVAP+MTL and at least five fine Airports available as 64bit application aswell before moving from FSX.


Let's assume the 747 will come out in Summer 2017 and P3D 64bit gets released a few months later I'll have to buy it again even if I remember a PMDG-statement about letting customers not pay for it twice once P3D 64bit is released - "most likely". (Don't ask where I did read this one but I'm pretty sure I read it a year or two ago somewhere on the avsim-forums? Could be wrong though...)


Financial Investments in Flight Simulation are just like financial investments at the stock exchange: If the risk is just too high, don't buy it. :wink:


The 737 is still doing her job well in FSX since years and I'm sure the 747 will do it aswell for years in P3D 64bit once the time has come to move on.

Best regards, Reinhard

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I tested the 777 in P3D v3.2 last night and it surely performed way better , and nicer , than in FSX :SE....


I hope the 747 get's released this year. My guess is August 2016, and, there will still be a long time before P3D moves to 64 bit, I believe....

Flight Simulation is the Virtual Materialization of a Dream...

Uninstalling flightsims is a temptation I can never resist...



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You're right, it will be a long time to 64bit.

I expect it sometime in 2018, but you know, LM is always good for a surprise.


August 2016 for the 747? You must be new to PMDG ;)

There have been informations about the -400 in JAN, about the -F in early MAY and the -BCF at the end of MAY.


So you can expect an update about every 1,5 months with still the 747-400M, the 747-8 and 747-8i to come.

Making it about four months till that "line" of updates will end.

Then there's still the beta-stage to go through which will take another six months at least.

I don't expect the 747 anytime before MAR17... possibly Summer '17...

Best regards, Reinhard

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Elaboration perhaps


He used "alliteration" when he meant another word and I'm being a snot and alluding to Princess Bride :)


-stefan strandberg


  1. the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.


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Will this be just the 744F? As much as I love the 747, I'm not that into cargo.


We are modeling several, as is alluded to in the first couple of sentences in post number 1:


"[...] I thought it might be appropriate to give you a bit of an update on the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II, focusing on Boeing Converted Freighter, this time!
(You can find my overview of the 400F, which is a dedicated freighter, in an earlier post by using the search function in the forum...)"
It would be kinda ludicrous to only model the Freighter variants in their various forms without modeling the passenger variants.
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Kyle Rodgers

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Hi, Just as an aside, I have recently been watching the Atlas Air Cargo DVD and what a pleasure it is to see for real what a magnificent aircraft it is and how knowledgeable the crew are at cutting corners where necessary.  All this without cabin crew, passengers to contend with. Watching this is a real learning curve.

Richard Welsh

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Saw one of them, real close up at Nairobi International. So regal as a 'Queen' should be, and the understated power at take-off was a joy to watch.

Rick Almeida

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Looks great...I just hope it will be compatible with FSX: Steam at launch.

Anthony A. Moise


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