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Jeppesen Chart - Approaches.

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I am looking at a Jeppesen Chart of EKCH. Due to the sensitivity of copyright issues in the 21st century, I will not post the chart here (as much as I'd like to make this task simpler for you all)

Anyway, I am looking at an approach to runway 22L, and I am concerned about the ALM approach. Here is the thing: there is ALM 3A, 1B,1C, 1D, 1E, and 1F approach.

What do all these letters mean? I heard somewhere it pertains to the aircraft type, meaning, a turbofan engine plane could be taking the "A" approach, or something like that. I would like this clarified.


I was flying to Copenhagen on my sim one day, and the MCDU (yup, flying an airbus at the moment) gave me only one option, that being, ALM 1D. This is the most difficult approach, as the plane will have to make a very, very, very sharp turn to capture the localizer. I wonder why the MCDU didn't give me an easier one, ALM 1B, which would make the process much smoother. Despite the fact that the AIRAC was updated since I flew that particular flight (from 1605 to 1606), the chart remains the same.


Thank you all

Damian Jez

"The secrets of this earth are not for all men to see, but only for those who will seek them" -Ayn Rand, from the novel Anthem.

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I'm under the impression that different last characters for arrivals into Kastrup leads to different runway, such as all -D arrivals leading into runway 30 and all -B arrivals leading into 12, but the latest data I had is 1603. Also do note that things like this can be different at different places. Some had no such suffix and some used preceding number to correlate the runways such procedures would have belonged to.


I'm also under the impression that real ATC would have given you a vector or direct to final approach fix with a descend and an approach clearance instead of letting you do that loopy track 3000ft above the already congested airport. not unlike this: http://code7700.com/netherlands.html

Jiang/James Wu


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You're right according to this remark on the Lido chart:

Rwy 04L: E arrivals

Rwy 04R: A arrivals

Rwy 12: B arrivals

Rwy 22L: F arrivals

Rwy 22R: C arrivals

Rwy 30: D arrivals

Therefore, the arrival should have been the ALM1F to ULTIS.


There is also a remark on the chart though that, traffic permitting, direct routing to ABEGI, ADOVI, LAMOX, and ULTIS for rwy 22L/R may occur. If flying offline or with no ATC on VATSIM, I would probably go from ALM direct to ADOVI, and then LAMOX to intercept the ILS.

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Marc ter Heide

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