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Your YAY/NAY list for FS

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Yay:>> Active Sky V - best Wx engine, a bit cumbersome, but works great!>> Flight Environment - textures galore!>> Ultimate Traffic - finally not alone anymore!>> Ultimate Terrain - the best general scenery add-on for the US>> TrackIR - the standard when it comes to situational awareness>> Saitek X52 Throttle & Joystick - inexpensive, accurate, tons of options>> PMDG 737-600/700 - enough said>> Flight1 ATR - the most realistic plane i have ever flown>> PSS Airbus Pro - the only game in town, but still great>> FS Genesis Mesh - enough said>> Flight Keeper - best flight tracker ever>> Airport Add-ons (mostly Aerosoft) - easy on frame rates, very detailed>> FSUIPC - the standard>> FS Naviator - clear, easy-to-use>> FS2Crew 737 Pro - My best buddy, Jim, the F/O and Jane the FA ;-)>> FSInn - finally a VATSIM client that lets me get rid of the cumbersome Squawkbox>> Ivap - great IVAO client>> Midcontinent VA - the most realistic VA>> Onyx VA - the most fun VA>> Avsim forums and library>> simflight.comNay:>> Active Camera - I know, it is supposed to be great, but I hardly ever use it. After all, I am flying, not spotting. Should be released as freeware, cumbersome activation.>> FS Passengers - I do like the failure options and the different career modes, but it seems unfinished to me. Also, the inability to use it without purchasing an aircraft or just as a standalone product is a huge minus. The idea is great - I just can't get into it.>> FS Build - Powerful, but the interface and overall look'n'feel is just outdated and cumbersome (Sorry, Ernie!). Has habit of weird/inaccurate routing. Some nasty bugs, that made me give up on it. (Settings won't save)>> Any PSS livery - I purchased one and I shouldn't have>> A320 PIC - Unfortunately unfinished, abandoned and a still a frame rate killer>> Simflyer Airports - nice scenery, but frame rate killers and resource hogs>> flightsim.com - Guys, it's time for a facelift after all those years... and get rid of the "nodes"!! ;-)>> MS documentation - bring back print versions!>> British Airways VA - I waited for two weeks to get into the VA "elite" and was disappointed. The assigned flight system does not work (I got flights for models that I don't even have and that i unchecked in my preferences) and the free flying is just nothing special. The realism leaves a lot to be desired. All in all, a good VA, but nothing out of the ordinary. Meaningless type ratings. But nice and friendly community.>> FS Addiction - price of all add-ons could have me sipping Pina Coladas on a remote island for two months. Or a 1/100 share on a real Cessna.

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