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Frontier airlines, Lynx Aviation MJC Q400 Repaints Requests

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Hello Avsim community


  I was wondering if Repainters in the Avsim community would be willing to do the reminder of the Q400 fleet? I have found and downloaded N501LX, N502LX, N508LX, and N511LX but the remainder of the fleet are not available. When I was young Aviator growing up in the mid to late 2000s I always wanted to fly on frontier's Q400s sense Frontier used the planes for their Fargo Flights. I was living in Bismarck, ND during that time and the city in 2009 was trying to recruit Frontier and I was excited because my feeling was they would use Q400s on the route. The Airline did start serving Bismarck but not intel 2012 and by then the Q400s were gone.

This link goes to a video that is meant to honor Lynx Aviation and their employees.


It would mean a lot if the proud Repainters in the Avsim community would be willing to complete this not just me but for all the Frontier and Q400 fans out there . I understand everyone's everyday lives has to take priority as well as it should. I am in no rush so for Repainters interested in doing this take as munch time as you need.

Here is the link to the MJC8 Q400 download page.


To acquire the paintkit for this Aircraft just click on Repaints, scroll all the way down and click on Paintkit to download it. Interesting thing to know is that once you do the first logo the rest should come some what easier because all you would have to do is change the logo on the tail and renumber the planes, N503LX, to N504LX, to N505LX, ETC.


Thank you all for the Opportunity to request repaints and may you all have Happy Flying.:)




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Just right at the beginning, I won't be able to do a repaint within the next 4 months because I'm abroad. But...

I'm focussing on Majestic Q400 repaints in general and would do the repaints (or at least a few of them) in the future. However, this depends on several factors. To keep it short, I'll just explain you the main problem with Frontier repaints:

If an airline adds pictures to their livery, as Frontier does it, you can't just "paint" the livery. Actually you have to find the same picture as it is on the airplane on the internet. Most likely you won't find the same one. And that's the point where the pain starts.
You have to find a close up picture of the actual aircraft (basically only the tail of it) in high definition and, in the best case, without any shadows or dirt on it. If you were lucky enough to find such a picture, you will have to "photoshop" it (removing everything which is not part of the picture itself but of the aircraft etc..). 

And I promise it, this is an extremly time-consuming job. Well... at least it is, if you want to do it right and in high quality. 

That is why you could struggle to find a repainter for the Frontier Q400s.

However, I will add the Frontiers to my to-do list, if they aren't painted until I'm back. You could follow my facebook page ( ) and remind me of the repaints once I will post some other repaints on the page.

Regards, Fabio

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Hey Fabio

Thank you so munch for your willingness to do this repiant request and like I said take as munch as you need. I was wondering if you me like to send repainted sections of the tail ms of the frontier Q400s that I acquire through an Old frontier virtual airline website. The repiants are from the dreamwimgs Q400. If your interested let me know and i will email tham to you.


Thanks lynxaviation3765

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No thanks, I definately don't need those files. It is not my work, so I'm not even allowed to modify it without the permission of the repainter. I will do it completely by my own because I always try to do high quality repaints without any compromises. 

Keep in mind that I cant promise anything until I have started to paint.

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