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Trouble with Start Locks

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Hi all.  New to the plane, I have completed several flights, but something is going very wrong with all my attempts today.  Not sure what I am doing differently, but I am having issues with the start locks and with starting the engines in general.

I have done the tutorial flight successfully.   I have read the startup guide pinned in this forum, and I have been using it as a guide for starting the engines.


I pull both power levers to reverse, then use the un-feather switch to un-feather both props.  I visually watch them go to the flat disk from the side.  I then hit F1 to put the power levers in the start position.  Condition levers are in the Taxi position.


I then turn on the fuel pumps, turn avionics off,  turn the Start Master to left gnd, and start the engine.   Same thing for the other side.  

Then after they settle down, fuel pumps off, avionics back on, SLOWLY pull each power lever back into reverse, I get the callout for start locks disengaged.  Then hit F1 to return to idle.


I get the callout, but the props stay in the start lock position!  

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I think it is working now.   I'm not sure what I did, but I loaded the default cessna, started it up, loaded the JS, shut it down, and proceeded as normal and it worked.

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