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P3Dv3 performance problems with large jets. (Aerosoft,Ifly,PMDG)

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Hey all I was doing some testing tonight as I'm thinking of moving all my flying to p3dv3.2 the main issue is FPS. When I tried the Aerosoft Airbus my performance in p3dv3 was horrible compared to FSX. In FSX I get atleast 30fps regardless of the scenario with that plane,but in P3Dv3 I get anywhere from 9-25 fps and a huge amount of stutters. I also tired the Ifly747 and had the same issue,stutters and low FPS. I've seen videos of people using these addons and they were super smooth. Im not really pushing the limits either,ASN was off for the P3Dv3 tests,so was traffic and my settings weren't super high either, Before I drop $200 replacing my PMDG stuff I'd like to know whats going on here. My system is no slouch either.

I7-4790K @4.5ghz


16GB DDR3 @1866

P3dv3 on dedicated SDD


David Womacks CFI,CFII,MEI

Copilot: Captain have you ever flown a 777 before?

Captain:Nope,but we got a strong tail wind and the bar in Hong Kong stays open till 5am, so lets kick the tires, light the fires and, get the hell outta here.


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Use the major cities in the world as departure points and never as arrival.

For instance in France with the settings almost at max it is problematic to land in Paris but it lands smoothly at Marseille and Lyon, respectively second and third largest cities.

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