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Airbus A 400 M in Flight

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Hello Flight Friends,i converted Airbus A 400 M with Toolkit 1.1.28 and here are the results!

 working:                                  not working:

- left Engine                            - other three Engines

- Gear                                     - Sound

- Flaps                                    - Instruments in Cockpit

- 3D Cockpit View                   - Steering controlls about Cockpit

- all Steering controlls            - taxing and starting from Ground ( not Power enough)

- Lights

- Ramp door open/close

- left side front door open/close

- perfect controlls on gliding Modus (Engine off)

- all Camera View`s


- inside view Cargo Room

You see it is more working as not working,but now i need help and tips for the fine settings!

You can see some Pics here:     https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6cOWqZoMNCbTml2TDl3RlRjcmM

 Best regards,Steff

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Hallo Steff!


Ein ehrgeiziges Projekt! :smile:

Nice progress so far but the things that aren't working are much more difficult to solve!


If you hold on, we'll be releasing a tutorial soon which will let you convert from FSX to Flight, which should give you some more guidance.


Bis später,

Kavinda J.D  ^_^

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