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Getting back to it!

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Hey all -


  I just finished a new PC build (6700k / 1070 / 64gb ram) in celebration of collecting my PPL.  I decided I would dive back into my sim pit for the instrument training.  I have been out of simming for greater than a year now and have a few general questions without searching far and wide.  I am just looking for general information


1) Given this is a new build - is the general consensus to move up to v3.3?  I currently have v2.5 but will spring for v3.3 if that's where I should be.

2) Best AA control - is anyone using nVidia Inspector still used by most to get the best AA quality?

3) How is EZCA working with v3.3

4) It would appear that most ORBX products are v3.3 compatible.  It also appears I can re-download all sceneries for v3.3 from FlightSimStore free.  The only upgrade would be P3D itself - are there any other big players that a charging for upgrades?  I know PMDG does.


Thanks for the input.  I am looking forward to jumping on PilotEdge and getting the moth balls blown out.


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1) Definite yes, current v3.3.5 verses v2.5 moves processing from CPU to GPU and manages VAS by working hard to free address space when needed to minimize OOM errors.  Many many other improvements.

2) This depends on you, many use it and many don't.  I no longer do, there are a couple settings I make in the NVidia control panel.

4) Orbx makes it real easy to see if the installer is v3 compatible at their web site.  I think all FTX regions and openLC products are, there are a few airports still not converted but these are not major airports.


I've use the simulator for years to hone my real world IFR skills, but mostly as a way to preview a flight to a new area or location before I flew it to become familiar with VOR names, waypoints, approaches etc. It helps the situational awareness when you get there and the ducks are walking.

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