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AS16 not auto connecting to P3D when reloading P3D

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with ASN, I used to leave the ASN up and running and forget about it. I can leave P3D and come back and the ASN used to automatically connect to the sim and know the location of the aircraft.


With AS16 (I am using the demo) I  have to reload the AS16 everytime I load P3D. I had a CTD on my sim... so I reloaded the P3D and went to a new location and AS16 says, waiting for Simulator?


Now I have to exit AS16 and reload AS16 again.


IS this the expected behavior?

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My additional  observation by trying out the Demo of AS16 No ASCA.


1. IT injects the weather pretty quick that is nice. 


2. The effect on the windshield is there without ASCA. Not sure the conditions under which it be effective..but I experienced it a couple of times. It's a very nice effect.


3. I have the GTX1070 card so I set the limit of the clouds the max... and I got no FPS hit.


4. ITs pulling my REX Clouds including soft clods and sometimes the clouds are good, they are huge and cumulous all over... But  most other times, its cotton balls. I do not like this cotton balls clouds. ITs either fewer cotton balls or lots of cottons balls. Wht I think it needs to be are huge clouds instead. Is this a user setting somewhere

These are nice.. I thought I saw something close top this one time.

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Hi Manny,

If P3D crashes, restarting AS16 may be required due to a problematic simconnect state.  If you are getting crashes on P3D exit, note that we are aware of an issue with "prompt on exit" P3D option being disabled causing an exit crash sometimes  - workaround is to re-enable prompt on exit - resolved for next update. 


Without ASCA you have default cloud structures/models and your other add-on graphics cloud textures.  We'd suggest that you try different settings in that add-on or try ASCA.  Note that there are MANY different cloud types and many influences to determine cloud types.

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I asked in in another thread titled  ASN (That thread is confusing to folks since conversation got hijacked and  was going between AS16 anand ASN) let me try this again.


Hi Damian,


How do I do this in AS16? I am on the AS16 but not sure how to set a weather for departure and range and destination weather, range.

Also can I use saved weather for departure airport and another saved weather for destination?


IF I have to enter numbers, After I load a saved wether, how can I copy tyhe numbers so I can paste it to set  the destination or departure weather?


Is there a tutorial/YTube?



When I save the weather in one location and load it in another location... it does not look the same.


I was in  Pago Pago and the weather was gorgeous..rain, cloudy misty in the mountains (yesterday) I had changed the date to yesterday and got the weather and saved.. Now I am in Nice, France and I loaded that weather, but it does not look the same... no rain and the clouds are just flat clouds... Hmmm...

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