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P3D V 3.3 crashes after confirming Flightlevel in the MCDU of 737/800

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I am despairing.


Every second or third time, as I am programming the MCDU in the 737/800 NGX from PMDG with P3D V3.3 as the Simulationsoftware, the Simulator crashes without any failuremessage.

Then I have to start the Task Manager and to end the process of the P3D, cause the Software does not quit by itself and the Screen fades to grey, so that I can not operate any other function in the P3D.


It is very frustrating, if I want to fly, but the P3D crashes.


My System is a Win10 home System with the Simulationsoftware and some Addons.


These are the Simulator P3D and the 737/800 NGX from PMDG, Active Sky Next, ORBX Addons, Topcat and PFPX.


Some other Software is also on the machine. These are the AcrobatReader, F-Secure Internetsecurity Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird and the Chromebrowser.

The System must be clean, cause thats all on the computer and I did not install and deinstall and reinstall something, which could destroy the system or made the system "dirty".


My processor is an Inte I5 of the newest generation, 16 GB RAM, my Graphicadapter is the NVIDIA GTX 980 TI.


Any ideas, what is going on there and of course what the solutions I have to solve this problem?


Thank you very much for your kind help.




PS: Please, try to keep the answer simple, cause I am not a native speaker or writer, who can understand english perfectly. I am only average in writing and understanding the english language.





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If the sim is crashing (sounds like it freezes as you have to use the task manager to end the process) while programming the PMDG MCDU, then that indicates to me it is a problem with the PMDG 737 installation.  Recommend you go to the PMDG website and submit a trouble ticket -  You have to register for support and then complete the trouble ticket.


You can also check out the AVSIM CTD Guide (see link in my signature), page 9, How to fix Most Freezes/Crashes.  This section contains instructions on how to fix most freezes by moving your p3d.cfg, dll.xml, scenery.cfg to a temporary folder, restarting P3D and letting P3D rebuild the p3d.cfg and scenery.cfg and to see if this fixes the problem.  If so, there is a problem with one of these files.


Best regards,

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