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Still enjoying the Ketchikan area...but now in P3D v3.4.9 :)

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No, around Ketchikan, is Orbx's  Ketchikan Intl.  scenery, with the town of Ketchikan included, including all superb shore-line details. 


Beyond that, ORBX's Alaska fat region.


So, you could pretty well say all yo see here, is ORBX custom.


Mountains are enhanced by Pilot's 2010 FSX Global, world-wide.

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Great looking scenery!



I agree, my system is basically, ORBX'  If you see any of my screen shots, usually assume ORBX, rather than not. Another heavy hitter on my system for custom airports and the few miles around them, is LATIN VFR.  Their airports are absolutely top knotch, with all airport equipment having not only animation (if turned on) but custom sound files associated with them. Cars, pickups, airport property maintenance vehicles, hear them all around you.  I highly recommend each of their airports, and in fact picked up the last of them (that I didn't get in the last Xmas period sale)---KRDU last night. (right now, on sale...)


The Key West Intl at Dusk, I shot last night is in fact Latin VFR's property. It totally transforms Key West...and not just the airport.  Key West West.





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