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Glad to have a full tank of fuel....oh yeah...

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Yes, I'll bet you are glad to have a full tank!  Very rugged looking terrain.

Interesting,...I see that ORBX is close to releasing Alaska...and the pre-view shots look amazing. So...having never been there in my sim's...decided to plunk down in whatever PAVD I have...thinking you know...just basic P3D or FSX variety. A few grey buildings...blah, blah.


Well, I was amazed to find that it is an upgrade right now, from ORBX, with stuff happening, people flow, aircraft, and then even more of a surprise...when I took off...not only a great rendering of the town, but oil refineries on both sides of the bay...extensive oil infrastructure for the ships...all there.  Oh...and the tall, that you can't even get half of them in the view unless you pan up!   You need to go there Pug, unless you have already.  These shots were me then heading inland, following a highway in the the rugged wilderness, just to see where it leads.  


ASN/REX 4 Direct were pumping out great metric visuals...and I had to coax at 200-300 feet per minute...a climb to around 12,000 feet to clear some of those jagged peaks.  This actually, is way beyond the operating range of the Cessna StationAir6 II, as it is not pressurized, or oxygen the perk of can!    :hi:


On more thing....just before I had to shut down the sim...didn't get a chance to actually land....the OAT...was...jeez...6F.....yep...the cold is coming...but again, that was Alaska in 11,800 feet ASL.

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